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  1. Sonyrolfy

    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.3 beta is now available

    All working great now! (learning curve) But I've a small request, can you make vpn director more dynamic? Meaning i would like to click on Iface or local ip for a better clean overview. In my case all local ip's are mixed in the overview. Also i would like a overview when i click edit that shows...
  2. Sonyrolfy

    Beta VPN Director testing

    DNS exclusive works very well for every client now. Even when throw the whole lan in in VPN,. eg The other VPN client can be set to exclusive and the client will use the DNS from it. With this i can use different vpn countries. Works perfect. The (bottleneck) with this setup...
  3. Sonyrolfy

    Beta VPN Director testing

    The way i test it with trough the whole lan in vpn startting with 5 because of the prio's, with some exceptions of devices needed to go trough another vpn lest say 3. It is possible but: The order in when i activate vpn 3 as last, the this will set the rules for 3. DNS exclusive. This will...
  4. Sonyrolfy

    Beta VPN Director testing

    The drop down shows the device name but once clicked it will have the proper ip address. Makes sense. i was hoping that the description above that, the device name automatic could be filled. i understand that it can be edited with rules, etc. Maybe you could consider? Thanks!!!
  5. Sonyrolfy

    Beta VPN Director testing

    Oke i understand now, I just pointed every single device i have to any of the VPN's running, without putting the whole lan in VPN and go from bottom to top with rules, as i used to do. I have no clue about cidr or sub-netting. Is it possible to point the director with the description of the...
  6. Sonyrolfy

    Beta VPN Director testing

    Scenario 1. With this my laptop receives VPN IP + DNS IP from OVPN 1, but should be from OVPN 5 to my understanding? Settings on OVPN 1 page: DNS exclusive and policy rules. Settings on OVPN 5 page: DNS disabled and through tunnel: policy rules Scenario 2. Swap 5 to 1 With...
  7. Sonyrolfy

    Beta VPN Director testing

    i Second that, routing the whole lan by VPN doenst work with the VPN dns set to Exclusive with this beta. I just get the DOT DNS instead with the DNS provided from VPN. DNSfilter to router is set. Sidenote: when Redirect Internet traffic through tunnel to Yes. and delete the...
  8. Sonyrolfy

    VPN policy routing management: per client versus centralized?

    Some Q's we al have i think but we have to wait to see more with this new approach, Like: Network, authentication, crypto and policy based settings, etc etc. And offcourse a dropdown for the source ip's :) The above overview looks clear and easy to use, thanks !
  9. Sonyrolfy

    VPN policy routing management: per client versus centralized?

    I'm having some trouble to picture it, but if option A is more consolidated/centralized with the same functionality as it has now, Then option A is great! Tnx!
  10. Sonyrolfy

    VPN policy routing management: per client versus centralized?

    Always great thinking ahead of the game. Maybe you can show a example how it would look with both (screenshot) How do we change the DNS policy ? Tnx!
  11. Sonyrolfy

    x3mRouting x3mRouting ~ Selective Routing for Asuswrt-Merlin Firmware (1-Nov-2020)

    Hi Xentrk, Still going strong with your script here! For Amazon Prime video i made a dnsmasq rule: x3mRouting 1 0 This works perfect from my side in the EU. 2 81 4409 MARK all -- br0 *
  12. Sonyrolfy

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    By the looks of it. It seems your alt coins are close to zer0 :)
  13. Sonyrolfy

    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 Beta is now available

    Fwiw In my case I've tested VPN client with an disabled DNS using DOT, resulted in approx 15% less download speed on the VPN client.
  14. Sonyrolfy

    [Alpha] 386.2

    No issues here. All working fine with some scripts and VPN clients all together, To bake with cake is up to you. I just leave the ingredients to the wizard.
  15. Sonyrolfy

    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 Beta is now available

    The AC86U CPU temperature goes up to 86°C here too ? Load level between 2% and 24ish