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    USB tether to MerlinWRT on Asus RT-N66U

    Couple of points note...First of all, my phone never throttles on direct phone use (using chrome on the phone), but it always throttles after 2GB of usb or WiFi tethering. Throttling tether use in my carrier is done in the phone. I know this because if I factory reset my phone, it will reset...
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    USB tether to MerlinWRT on Asus RT-N66U

    First of all. I love your mods for Merlin. Thank you!! I use it everywhere I need routing now. The feature you have created set shows you have a comprehensive understanding of what we really need to have these routers do. I have USB tethering working just fine on my RT-AC86U running Merlin...
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    AC86U sometimes powers completely off during reboot

    I love these RT-AC86U routers because of the VPN throughput and backup/failover capabilities and core Linux access! I'm benchmarking these at over 200Mbps OpenVPN throughput in my lab. Kudos for the geniuses who are responsible for Merlin and making these routers a tremendous solution for VPN...