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    Script error with firefox

    This is what I get right now (11Jun16 21:37 PT) Firefox can't find the server at secure-ds.serving-sys.xn--urstingscript-9q16e.
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    Run DSM 5 from open source on any x86

    @Geberious Do you forasee a Xoebikigt boot for DSM6? I ran DSM6 on x86 but it isn't supported (yet?) and would not create a volume. DSM5 is OK as you know.
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    Run DSM 5 from open source on any x86

    I stumbled upon This is a boot program for x86 processors. You put it on bootable media (CD, USB), along with a few other files, using an ISO image file to bootable media utility. Once booted, you can then install Synology's DSM5 OS on a blank disk in that x86...
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    NAS (any brand) external USB drive bay - issues

    NAS (any brand) external USB drive bay - issues. In my case, Synology DS212. I just bought a $45 nice steel box 2 drive bay box. Has USB3 connector. The chip inside is a Prolific USB3 to SATA bridge. It has these switch-selected modes: NORMAL - just a USB hub so the host sees 2 drives JBOD -...
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    Managed / Smart Switch for secure home networking

    I agree 1,000%. In Wireless, and UNLICENSED shared-use wireless, most impairments are beyond your control, unless you are in the only house for miles around.
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    Thoughts on Wide Channels

    1 watt on the router/AP WiFi creates a very unbalanced bi-directional link since the client devices are typically 0.03 to 0.06 watt transmitter power. The access device grossly out-talks the clients (in terms of range). Like a rock band's PA system. Or a cop with a 5W walkie-talkie and the...
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    Very confused-- please help

    I use/recommend the modest cost dual band non-AC WiFi routers... because things that use WiFi are mostly handhelds not high-demand desktops. Example: I've been using an ASUS RT-N56U. A year younger dual band is what I'd buy now. The ASUS just runs. Never needs a reboot. It's 1+ years old, dual...
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    20/40 MHz coexistence

    As you may know, 40MHz mode in 2.4GHz is recommended by many people only for those who live in a rural setting. The 40MHz mode means your WiFi is using 2/3 of the entire 2.4GHz band, and you compete with neighbors' WiFi for air time.
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    New OS: DSM 6 - worth the upgrade risk/hassle for a 2 bay?

    New OS: DSM 6 - worth the upgrade risk/hassle for a 2 bay? As I read the new features, and those that will run on a 2 bay, I see only a new backup utility. Unclear if it's an improvement over my current use of "Backup and Restore" plus the add-in "Time (file versioning) Backup". Any other...
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    ISP changed IP addresses and hosed up locale

    Time Warner made a rare change to IP addresses (probably for all in my region). I'm in So. Calif. The new address is somehow (?) affiliated with Hawaii (but I'm not). Thus, ads,, and other not expected things are hosed up now. Though I'd like to visit Hawaii again, I don't need...
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    Small Business NAS Reccommendation

    Beware that some NAS ranking can over-emphasize speed and performance at the expense of ease of admin and completeness of features such as File Versioning backups, and so on. Of course, a gigabit LAN makes a huge difference, versus a 100BT LAN or PCs lacking Gig-e
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    Dell buying EMC

    In a public company, the CEO/CFO and staff have to placate the quarterly report interviewers in the brokerages - most of which are greenhorn new grads getting off on making these rent-a-CEOs squirm. Those conference calls are very "curious" to hear.
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    Relocating Antennas RT-AC88U "Pattern"

    horizontal (parallel to the floor) alignment of antennas.. not very important for indoors. Especially in non-line-of-sight. Just a few dB of cross-pol loss if any. That's a small percentage of the overall loss from end to end. enclosure: try to use thin wood, not plywood. Or Plexiglas.
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    Updating/Expanding home NAS....2-bay or 4-bay...

    Two volumes. Two independent file systems. Corruption of volume 1 file system (e.g., NAS mainboard fault, virus, etc.) leaves volume 2 file system unaffected. RAID would have one file system spread across the drives, on all but big fat SANs, I suppose.
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    [New home] Reliable wifi

    Yes... prewire cat5e or better. Then we can help you place access points if you provide a description of, or scanned drawing of floor plan(s). Router brand selection is debatable; we all have our fav. Mine's ASUS.