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    OpenVPN ressetting on RT AC 87U

    first answer:yes second :yes third:downloaded files are ok four:router was not reset to factory reset,five :firmware is 384.13_10,previous was 384.13_8.
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    How to block OCSP requests on OS Apple

    I have read Paul Jeffrey: Your Computer Isnt Yours on net.Is it possible to block OCSP requests on OS Apple using Skynet? sweetdoll
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    OpenVPN ressetting on RT AC 87U

    Hi I tried to to upload 3 times openVPN settings and all 3 times my router resetting to default. I use Merlins 384.13_10 on my RT AC 87 U,Diversion,Skynet.Everythings is OK but settings open VPN/NordVPN/. After setting openVPN/browse ,then,upload,complete and by...
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    OpenVPN ressetting on AC68U

    Hi I have the same issue on RT AC 87 U.Could you tell me,how to solve,please? I come from SR. sweetdoll 11.12.2020