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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 Beta (stage 2) is now available

    I installed 386.1b2 on my RT-AC68U, 5G was very unstable, clients always lost connection, so i go back to 384.19.
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    Transparent HTTPS Proxy

    try redsocks:
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    Cross compile static version of conntrack-tools

    I compiled on tomatoware success. The script 'copy' from @lancethepants 's old unbound static compile script. You can get from:
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    ipset with dnsmasq problem on AC68U

    On newest Padavan's custom firmware (RT-N56U), I compile dnsmasq with HAVE_IPSET and tested working: Jul 7 17:54:50 automount: Activate swap partition /dev/sda3 SUCCESS! Jul 7 17:54:51 dnsmasq[431]: failed to create IPset control socket: Protocol not supported Jul 7 17:54:51...
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    ipset with dnsmasq problem on AC68U

    Thanks RMerlin, I got my answer now.
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    ipset with dnsmasq problem on AC68U (Merlin build) on Asus RT-AC68R: I want use ipset with dnsmasq, in my dnsmasq.custom file i have these code: ipset=/ ipset=/ etc... When i restart dnsmasq, i got these error: I have same issue on Padavan's custom firewall for...