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  1. tallytr

    Wireless Bridge - AiMesh or Not?

    I'd stay away from AiMesh completely if you can, I tried over the years and even had issues with wired backhaul... Went the other route and my setup is now almost perfect. Wired Access Point (TP link) with separate SSID (iOT for stationary devices - all on 2.4GHz) close to the other side of the...
  2. tallytr

    New RT-AX86U firmware

    Now power cycled...hope that will fix it... It did fix it. I use separate SSID's for 2.4 and 5 GHz, also airtime fairness and beamforming disabled, most stable that way....
  3. tallytr

    New RT-AX86U firmware

    Let me try that, thank you.
  4. tallytr

    New RT-AX86U firmware

    Is it just me, had issues with my 2.4GHz security cameras disconnecting all the time, went back to Version from 2020/12/30 and all good again. Hmmm.
  5. tallytr

    New RT-AX86U firmware

    No need for Merlin myself, wouldn't know for what :-) We have around 40 clients and one Access Point, mostly CAT6, all super stable and fast, super happy with that router.
  6. tallytr

    New RT-AX86U firmware 5GHz DL: 662 , UL: 106 (iPhone SE) on Shaw 1G plan. Ethernet:
  7. tallytr

    Free Asus DDNS name

    I always use a new one when getting a new Asus router, then I make the changes down the line so stuff connects again....
  8. tallytr

    Beta ASUS RT-AX86U Firmware 386.41994 (29-1-2021)

    I think when I first saw the download on the Asus website it didn't say Beta in red, oh well, it works just fine so all good....
  9. tallytr

    Beta ASUS RT-AX86U Firmware 386.41994 (29-1-2021)

    upgraded, works well.
  10. tallytr

    Should I keep my AX86u

    Keep that router, its the best there is or at least not worse than others... I keep Asus because switching to a new user interface? No thank you :-)
  11. tallytr

    ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000

    Yeah, right, $1,500 for a router, must be a unique sample, a prototype :-)
  12. tallytr

    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC2 public beta with full functions AiMesh 2.0

    2022: I’ll be checking out AiMesh 3.0 but not one day sooner :cool:
  13. tallytr

    RT-AX86U Speedtest

    Just noticed this feature with firmware Probably most AC routers can do that but nice to see that its integrated into the router GUI. Looks like I can do anything with ultra :cool:
  14. tallytr

    Latest update messed up the AiProtection Time Scheduling.

    To be truthful, not the first time this happened, me thinking they don't want everybody to upgrade just yet, just us early thrill seekers :-)
  15. tallytr

    ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000

    I'd get this at once IF lets say the 5GHz Wi-Fi band would cover my complete subdivision, would render cellular useless but I am afraid this may not be the case? :) To be serious: When will Wireless routers/AP's be able to cover a lot more ground without having to resort to a Mesh system? Ever?