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  1. tallytr

    Solved ASUS RT-AX86U network performance issues

    I tried both the RT-AX86U and the RT-AX88U, both do nothing better for me than my older RT-AC86U. Decided to keep the RT-AC86U at least a year or more... The only reason for me to upgrade would be much improved radios (reach on 5Ghz) but I doubt that will happen with the push to Mesh Wi-Fi....
  2. tallytr

    Release Asus AC86U New Firmware - works well for me.
  3. tallytr

    ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000

    I’ll buy this in 2030
  4. tallytr

    RT-AX86U/RT-AX5700 hits the FCC

    Its neat stuff but requires some work, AP's need to be located properly, power over Ethernet....
  5. tallytr

    Anyone else "mount" their router like this?

    I have OCD. Even if this could be a remote possibility, don't :)
  6. tallytr

    NEW ASUS RT-AC86U / RT AC2900 - 17th June Firmware v. (17.06.2020)

    Not to be disrespectul but I agree. If I don't like a product, I return it, I dump it. I buy something else that makes me feel better. In my experience Asus routers give me most satisfaction and the RT-AC86U is my best router yet. My use case is simple, around 32 clients, most on Ethernet and...
  7. tallytr

    RT-AX86U/RT-AX5700 hits the FCC

    Just a small thing, didn't like that weird feel when pressing the RT-AC86U power push button, sometimes I press it and not sure what happened, is it On or already Off? :-) Now that rocker power switch I like :-)
  8. tallytr

    Wired Access Point recommendation

    ...I have mine mounted on the wall inside for outside 2.4GHz security cameras. LED pointing upwards, no issue, using a small cable channel (fits one LAN cable) for the install to look good, painted the cable channel in wall color...
  9. tallytr

    RT-AC86U or RT-AX88U if buying now?

    I was very close to getting the AX88U, right now using the AC86U but since we only have one AX client (iphone 11) and to be honest, AC speeds are plenty I struggled to see the benefit for this time... Wired internet speeds are Gigabit so no issue here with my ISP supply speeds... Not...
  10. tallytr

    Wired Access Point recommendation

    I have a much more simple setup. Central RT-AC86U (love that router) and one wired TP-Link EAP225 Access Point. Really didn't expect that Access Point to be as good as it is, really well done with a simple user interface, and inexpensive...
  11. tallytr

    AC1200G+ firmware

    Really impressed by the TP Link Access Point. Super easy setup. Plug in LAN cable, check assigned IP. Ready to go. Also I like the design much more than the Asus router. Coverage is good.
  12. tallytr

    RT-AX86U/RT-AX5700 hits the FCC

    Interesting. Why would one buy the AX86U then over the 88U? Hmm. I am not that set on 2.5Gb LAN ports....I want at least 2x 10Gb ports on the router... The more I look at this the more I think I am just fine with my RT-AC86U :)
  13. tallytr

    RT-AX86U/RT-AX5700 hits the FCC

    Question. The antennas, 3x3, does that necessarily mean the AX86U has worse coverage on 2.4GHz over the 2 year old AX88U with 4x4:4? AX86U = $280? USD (3x3:3 + 4x4:4) quad core BCM4908 A53 +1GB ram AX88U = $350 USD (4x4:4 + 4x4:4) quad core BCM4908 A53 +1GB ram
  14. tallytr

    AC1200G+ firmware

    Returned mine, since only wanting to use as an Access Point, trying TP-Link Omada AC1350 Wireless Access Point now...
  15. tallytr

    Weird log and CPU spike 1% to 77% RT-AC1200G (Access Point)

    Router reset, set up from new but this is not going away? Minimal configuration as wired Access Point, just added the AP a couple days ago but thinking that constant log spam is new.... Anybody? Jun 13 23:32:20 rc_service: watchdog 166:notify_rc stop_aae Jun 13 23:32:20 rc_service: watchdog...