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  • Tippy, i need your expert opinion on this.

    Because of my shirtty isp, we are forced to use their provided router which kinda blows for p2p and pretty much everything. It's for the fiber optic FTTH service which has IPTV, IP Phone and internet connection.

    Our local white hat found out that all along we could have used our own routers, but because in the Dlink DIR-615 (using the isp own custom firmware) there is a hidden account on top of the normal admin one which leaves remote admin wide open to outside attacks. According to the white hat expert, this can lead to many exploits like botnet, hacking peoples pcs (businesses too since they use the same router), and stealing other subscribers bandwidth etc..... lots of worrisome implications :d ....

    Anyway he says the fix to use our own router is to have it in this setup:

    FTTH fiber optic modem (i don't know what model) < DIR-615 router acting as vlan bridged < our own router (doesn't necessarily need to be vlan capable or have DD-WRT).

    So my question is, in this setup is there any dual nat going on ?? and if i were to use the ESR9850 as my router of choice connected to the DIR-615, will i still get the benefit of the ESR9850 maximum simultaneous connections for P2P, or will the DIR-615 somehow interfere with that ???

    From what i read somewhere can't remember, they said ideally the ESR9850 should be connected directly to the modem itself to make full use of the esr9850's maximum simultaneous connections and it's other p2p benefits.

    In your expert opinion whats do you think :/ Any cons for performance in this setup? I'm scared to invest in a good router only for it to be bogged down because of that shirtty DIR-615.

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