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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.7 is now available for all models

    Dirty upgrade from beta 2 on Ac86u and Ac68u(mesh-lan), all perfect !!
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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.7 Beta is now available

    This morning i upgraded to beta2 my main router Ac86u and Ac68u (mesh) from the old 386.2_6 firmware, all it's fine.
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    scMerlin scMerlin v2 - Service and script control menu for AsusWRT-Merlin

    try force refresh browser ( CTRL + F5 ).
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    FlexQoS FlexQoS 1.3.1 - Flexible QoS Enhancement Script for Adaptive QoS

    Upgraded from web ui, all run fine.;)
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    Solved What does this error mean?

    OK, i read in Merlin's last comments that it is a problem concerning the Trendmicro module which is closed source and which does not affect the normal functioning of the router. Thank underdose who link me the post :)
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    Solved What does this error mean?

    Hi guys, yesterday i installed Diversion in my Ac86U, everything works regularly but looking in the system log i have this error that repeats itself every 20-30 minutes. Everything works fine but i would like to fix this error. "Dcd" should be something concerning AiProtect that i left active...
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    Weird DNS(?) issues on 386_3_2

    always with Dot enabled and Cloudfire ?
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    Weird DNS(?) issues on 386_3_2

    I have also noticed a similar random problem in the last month. Dot enabled with cloudfire dns server, i have now switched to Quad9 for a week and it seems the problem has receded. @dave14305 , if i may ask you, what system do you use to resolve dns?
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    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    Wow, thanks so much for the quick and complete reply, i live in italy and i will probably need to add some servers. I have always sent donations for the developers and i will not miss this time too, time to test everything :) Thanks again
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    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    Hello, i will dedicate this weekend to mount my new usb stick in the Ac86u and install enterware and ntpMerlin. Tips on basic settings to get started? Thanks
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.3 is now available

    Saturday i upgraded main router Ac86u and Ac68U (imesh) from 384.17 to the latest 386.3.2 , fresh install and all working fine, only +5°C. Great work Merlin !!
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    Router temperatures

    Not necessary
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    Router temperatures

    see post n°327 and 333 :)
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    Router temperatures

    Update data from my previous situation, this morning i update from 384.17 to the latest 386.3.2 and now as expected the cpu temp incrased till 69°/70°C from 65°C with a ambient temp of 27°/28°C , my mix copper and thermal pad still working good !!
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    FlexQoS FlexQoS 1.2.5 - Flexible QoS Enhancement Script for Adaptive QoS

    oh ok, because with the old FreshJr script there was not need of the usb stick/swap file , when i read that amtm was included in the firmware i thought it was ready to use. Maybe i go for manual install, would be ok edit: ok manual install is ok, i have configured all options, add gaming rule...