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  1. torstein

    Best performing firmware for AX86U?

    I prefer to be on the latest merlinwrt for security, bugs, performance and stability improvements. I've so far never had any issues with any of his updates breaking anything.
  2. torstein

    I can't add openvpn users

    So how can we properly fix this, without resetting the enture router? Ive been dreading it since my last post.
  3. torstein

    Firmware Update for AX86U (8-31-2021)

    Wireguard sounds intriguing! Anyone here planning on switching to it from OpenVPN?
  4. torstein

    I can't add openvpn users

    Shouldn’t a simple reboot then fix this issue, if maestr0’s observation is correct and related to the issue?
  5. torstein

    I can't add openvpn users

    Any way to reset the shadow.openvpn?
  6. torstein

    Release RT-AX88U Firmware version 2021/08/31

    Oh great! I love security updates. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. No idea why hehe. Looking forward to merlin merging the GPLs. I assume this is also available for the AX86U?
  7. torstein

    I can't add openvpn users

    Thanks, I'm gonna reset it anyways, I think. I want to get rid of skynet and have a clean merlin firmware.
  8. torstein

    I can't add openvpn users

    Did you guys find a solution? I am suddenly for no reason at all experiencing this same issue with merlin 386.3_2 on ax86u. I cannot add or remove users on my OpenVPN-server. I can connect just fine to the vpn with the usernames who are already there, but adding or removing usernames does...
  9. torstein

    Avoid Consumer Routers

    Like stated several places in this thread, and also as a correction in my original post, the statements are either outdated or factually wrong.
  10. torstein

    Skynet AIprotect/Skynet

    I think it was something about artificial intelligence in software, so somewhat related :p
  11. torstein

    Skynet Skynet noob question: Is this amount of inbound blocks normal?

    Ooooooh fancy! Thanks :) I can't wait to explore that tool more when I come home tomorrow evening. I wonder if anyone else here has any experience with this? Yup, I remember ;) That's exactly what it did. Skynet has a lot of great features that I'm not skilled enough to take advantage of, know...
  12. torstein

    Avoid Consumer Routers

    I wonder which is more secre and gets more frequent updates and if it matters for consumers. Asus with Merlin or pfSense and Netgate? I checked out some Netgate routers, but they were very expensive and had worse hardware than Asus.
  13. torstein

    Avoid Consumer Routers

    She'll never understand, but she sees it makes me happy, and she appreciates that I take care of our network security and keeping us safe, so she doesnt have to worry. Which router did you come from?
  14. torstein

    Avoid Consumer Routers

    I have the Hario V60 for home, and the Kalita wave (1 cup size) at work :) I can't stand what they're drinking at the office :p Life is too short to drink bad coffee. Also, please don't tempt me down the pfSense-rabbit hole, my wife's gonna kill me if I bring home another home network...
  15. torstein

    Skynet No Stats in Skynet's WebUI but plenty in CLI ...

    I'm experiencing the No data to display all of a sudden. Skynet 7.2.5 was working just fine since I installed it for the first time 24 hours ago, and suddenly it just craps out now. Reinstalling skynet helped for about 5 minutes and now it won't show any stats anymore. Should I just leave it...