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    AP's, pfSense, VLANs, 802.11ax, no cloud ..

    @Alpha 007 - I've been eyeing this thread since the mention from @thiggins. Since it appears you're still troubleshooting the current setup, I won't interject suggestions for other gear yet, but should you fail to get anywhere with the Cisco WAP's, feel free to @ mention me and I'll jump back in.
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    PoE NGFW?

    @KCL - Scott, an NGFW box with an integrated PoE switch, let alone one with more than 4-5 PoE ports, is a rare bird, and a dying one at that. IMHO, your best option is the outgoing (but still available) Fortinet FortiGate 80E-POE or 81E-POE, with 12 total PoE+ ports (datasheet here). They're...
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    Wifi Access Point buying advice please

    @unmesh - There a whole lot of variables at play here, so on the surface level it's hard to say whether it's your topology, configuration, environment or device(s) causing the bulk of the issue. Anecdotally, I do have multiple sites with R600's and various gen iPotato's roaming just fine. As...
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    Help with a Router Distro?

    @GrumpyGent - For something with a decent GUI and CAKE support via SQM package, I'd suggest OpenWRT. Luci is a fairly easy GUI once you get used to it, and there's a decent amount of how-to material on YouTube and elsewhere at this point. For something commercially supported that's even easier...
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    PoE Switch question

    @macster2075 - Regarding injectors and switches, I would opt for gigabit across the board, as the cost difference is typically minimal for 10x the performance ceiling per port and much lower obsolescence factor. As for structured cable, I tend to opt for domestic-made, verified...
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    Seeking Wired Router with multiple 2.5Gb Ethernet Ports

    @Tony Mathews - If you've got the skill and are comfortable separating wireless duty to a dedicated AP, checkout the Mikrotik RB5009 (if you can find one in stock...). Combine that with the S+RJ10 adapter module and you'll have 2.5Gb full-duplex WAN-LAN link speed with two 2.5GbE ports.
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    Multi-city site-to-site VPN recommendations

    @KCL - Welcome. As @ColinTaylor suggested, presuming this is for an actual business, and not just two in-home "offices", I would move beyond consumer products and put in SMB (or higher) grade gear. The differences may not be that apparent at first glance, but in a nutshell you'll get a more...
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    Wifi Access Point buying advice please

    @dpkblue - Welcome. Not sure how much you know about business-grade wifi and purpose-built APs versus consumer equivalents, but in general the main caveat to keep in mind is that APs tend to have lower output power, with the U6-Lite being no exception (a fairly low 200-220 mW, per the FCC)...
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    Recommendation for Wifi 6 router mesh system that can handle 2 Gbps?

    @Big Ry - Welcome. Congrats on the house and internet options. Instead of approaching this from the already narrowed point of view of "which of the best of ____ set of consumer gear could hit ____ performance", I would focus on the things you'd like to be able to do in practical terms (ex: __...
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    Going to dual wan with Ubiquity EdgeRouter 4 - easy for me ?

    @chrisbati - This is coming from an EdgeMAX integrator (30+ EdgeRouters still in the field). If you haven't yet purchased an ER-4, I would definitely look elsewhere. While initial config can be done via GUI wizard (per Ubiquiti multi-WAN guide), any further changes will need to be done via the...
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    Omada or Unifi

    Yeah, I'd grab a TL-ER605 and try going all Omada. Use the 605's built-in switch as your "core" managed switch; if you need more managed ports, get an SDN-capable model for full single-pane capability.
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    Adjusting Data Rate and Threshold on Cisco CBW Access Points

    @magic - Very welcome. Glad you went with the 240's, and nice catch on the deal. And yeah, Cisco's forum-based support can be hit or miss, especially for their small business (now just "Business") line, which is an afterthought compared to the enterprise stuff. In all fairness, though, they're...
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    Looking for a switch brand known for security.

    @zerophase - Based on what you've written thus far, it appears you're looking for a high-power router/firewall with integrated switching. You might want to think about an x86 box loaded up with multi-NIC cards running something like pfSense or OpenWRT. L3 switching won't be offloadable but with...
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    Adjusting Data Rate and Threshold on Cisco CBW Access Points

    @magic - Answers to your questions: Threshold is the level of negotiated throughput between AP and client, below which the AP will send a BSS disassociation request (hopefully causing the client to roam). This setting allows you to "craft" client roaming behavior (at least minimally), as you...
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    New Build Options

    All depends on if you want to cache web content, log internally or if any other packages are storage-hungry. Never hurts to have more than you need, that's for sure.