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    Unable to connect to update server?

    Same problem for me. I have an AX86U as main and an AC86U mesh node. Both have updates available from the Asus support site but won't work from the web interface. I haven't tried to update manually yet. I might wait for v386 on the AX router. I'm in Canada
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    Traffic Monitor no longer displaying results

    I had this a while back and I think a reboot solved it for me. I have my traffic stats saving to a thumb drive so I might have reset that as well from the GUI (Tools>Other Settings)
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    ISP router in bridge mode and ISP FW

    Also on Shaw with bridge mode activated on a modem/router combo box and an AC86U after that. I don't have Skynet at the moment but I have the AI protect turned on. The behavior you see is normal and expected. Prior to bridging, you're relying on the Shaw router firewall and trying to use a...
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    High CPU Usage on 1 core after router online for awhile

    I had a similar problem a while back when I was trying WTFast Gameboost feature on a AC86U. Issue stopped when I stopped using WTFast
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    Seems like my OpenVPN server has been hacked

    OK back up now. I had to remove the VPN user account and add it again. Somehow it must have been corrupted/deleted even though it still showed up on the webui. The list of "UNDEF" clients were showing for me too but I determined the IP address was mine and was simply the unsuccessful connection...
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    Seems like my OpenVPN server has been hacked

    Same issue as above. Everything closed except the OVPN server and can't get it to work last couple days. Never changed anything but keeps giving TLS handshake error. Tried creating OVPN server 2 with default settings and same result. Restarted router multiple times, tried from 2 different...
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    Possibly been hacked. Need assistant from senior users.

    I don't get that many hits and I have everything on the Wan side disabled except a VPN server but I think the Trend-Micro page could do a better job showing that these attempts were successfully blocked. I do appreciate the level of detail describing the attacks though.
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    Possibly been hacked. Need assistant from senior users.

    I used to have all the "cool" Qnap cloud apps enabled to share photos etc... I thought non-windows boxes were relatively secure. Those days are over now unfortunately. Now I'm forced to use VPN if I temporarily need access. Not as convenient as it used to be but I now understand how easy it is...
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    How do you create a wired Ethernet backbone using 2 Routers and a Gateway?

    2 possible issues I see are trying to run 2 DHCP servers together and the 2-100ft network cable runs. 1- Most people with the setup you describe(like me) have the gateway modem/router set to "bridge mode". I had to get my provider to do this remotely. This will effectively turn off the router...
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    pixelserv pixelserv - A Better One-pixel Webserver for Adblock

    Thanks for the info. I'm using 2.0.1 from ab-solution add-on so I'll wait for 2.1 then.
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    Possibly been hacked. Need assistant from senior users.

    I use the Asus App from Lan -side only but I've seen the app automatically turn on remote connections several times now after app updates. After reading this thread I also checked to make sure DDNS and AI-Cloud services were still disabled. I also disabled the "asusnat tunnel" option for good...
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    pixelserv pixelserv - A Better One-pixel Webserver for Adblock

    Does using the "http://pixelserv ip/ca.crt" method work for 2.0.1? I've tried it with FF, Chrome on W10 and with iOS and I just get a blank page with no prompts.
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    QoS Adaptive, confused what to select for WAN packet overhead?

    I'm pretty sure your media box running through a vpn will not get top priority. It will get categorized as "general" (web surfing) or "other". After you figure out what it is, you could try moving that category to the top. I've just been using automatic & sfq option (no WAN overhead options)...
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    [Beta 384/NG] Asuswrt-merlin 384.4 Beta is now available

    I have the same result. I ran it for a few hours with LOL and both cores kept alternating from 50-100% on the web GUI. My son said the game was slightly less stable if anything so I tried re-booting router and no change so I shut down WTFast. [beta2 on AC86U]
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    [RT-AC86] Power adapter info