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  1. vango44

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    Updated 386.1>386.2 first on AC86U node. Good so far. After rebooting and attempting a dirty upgrade to my main AX86U I was greeted by the Factory setup page. Tried a reboot with no usb attached but all settings were wiped. Uploaded my saved cfg/jffs files and everything back again. Be sure to...
  2. vango44

    AiMesh with USB Printer on Node?

    Haven't done this myself but the post below indicates it might work if you follow the normal process but use the IP address of the node.
  3. vango44

    No DDNS in AX86U/DDNS setup?

    I have an AiMesh with AX86U>LAN>CAT5e cable>WAN>AC86U node. Both on 386.1_2 I upgraded the node first and then the main. I then did a factory reset on both, re-added the node and manually re-added my settings. I have smart connect enabled default settings. 2.4 & 5g are setup on to specific...
  4. vango44

    No DDNS in AX86U/DDNS setup?

    I have an AX86U on 386.1_2 and it's there for me:
  5. vango44

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 is now available

    Do you have USB3 enabled in the firmware settings? (Administration>System tab)
  6. vango44

    spdMerlin The future of spdMerlin

    This is what I get with the Asus test: vs spdMerlin: So hopefully a continued addon. Thanks!
  7. vango44

    "Wireless Log" doesn't show AiMesh node connections

    I have the same setup as you and have noticed the same as well. There seems to be no way to see the connection speeds of devices on the nodes other that wired/5g/2.4g. In the ios/andoid app, you can see the signal strength. You can also ssh to your node using the same login/password as the main...
  8. vango44

    Performance of dual AX86U in AiMesh, on Merlin 386.1

    Also would like to know what device was used for the wireless testing. A couple of other thoughts; most complaints I see about speed tests are with QOS turned on. I think it still might have some issues. Also did you confirm you were connected to the node for the living room tests? It looks like...
  9. vango44

    Internet Traffic Widget

    You could just open the status page in a separate window, change page zoom level to what you want and move it where you want on your desktop. Not as cool as a real widget but here's the bottom right corner of my PC:
  10. vango44

    Yellow/Amber dot on AIMesh Clients GUI (What is it?)

    Thanks JohnD5000! Didn't see that earlier but one of my bound node devices had moved to the main router and this was indeed the indicator for that. Once I scrolled down there was some more info displayed on the device itself. It has since moved back to the proper node on its own.
  11. vango44

    Yellow/Amber dot on AIMesh Clients GUI (What is it?)

    Anybody know what the amber dot is on top of my main router clients? Not sure if its related but I had just disabled the LAN>Routes option prior to this. Everything else seems to work and haven't rebooted yet. It's there on FireFox and Chrome. This is 386.1_2 on an AX86U
  12. vango44

    Speed test not working while connected to VPN on 386.1

    What dns did you change to? Do you have "dns over tls" enabled? The speedtest worked a few times for me when I first installed 386.1 and did a factory reset but not since then. I am not connected to a vpn but I disconnected my ovpn server to see if it helped and no luck.
  13. vango44

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 is now available

    Yes the built-in "Take a Screenshot" feature on FireFox works for me. You can also access by right-clicking on the page and it gives you the option (near top-right of page) to select "Save full page" or "Save Visible".
  14. vango44

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 is now available

    See post #2. Can take up to an hour for web ui to become responsive due to router doing database stuff.
  15. vango44

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 is now available

    Updated from Asus official to 386.1 on AX86U with AC86U node. Everything seems to work well so far except the built-in speed test. Does anyone know why I am getting the error in the screenshot? I can see the test running but it always fails before the end. Same result from FireFox and Chrome on...