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    Remote logon

    RT N66U, with open VPN setup to use Netherlands ip VPN only router with transmission running on it. When at home I can login into transmission but when I try to logon outside my network, remotely, it fails. I tried wan ip, Asus dns to no avail and then I realized that it got Netherlands ip, so...
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    Greetings from backstage

    Wish you all the best! Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Naming SSID for 2.4g & 5g

    SSID name can be kept the same for 2.4g & 5g or the must be different? And if yes, is there a conflict issues might arise?
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    Custom path for jffs?

    Even to save stats for Traffic manager?
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    Custom path for jffs?

    Can I make custom path for JFFS using attached USB drive??