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    RT-AC87U keeps locking up

    Agree - 21 hours is too short ... This problem usually appears for the first time (in my configuration) between 2 and 3 days from total restart of all of my RT-N66U routers ....
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    RT-AC87U keeps locking up

    Hello RMerlin, I wanted to put a pressure, that this issue is probably not related to traffic analyzer and even to a particular router model but rather to a particular firmware. I have described my configuration and this problem here...
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    RT-AC87U keeps locking up

    SImilar issue, the same firmware, different router: RT-N66U. It does not work in router mode (1xAP + 4xmedia brdge). Since then it has traffic analyzer disabled. JFFS partitions disabled too. I think, since then, that it is rather specific to a bug in the firmware ...
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    378.55 on both AC66U and AC87U and cannot login anymore

    Hello, I have similar problems: Here's my configuration: 1. Cisco RV320 router as a WAN gateway 2. RT-N66U connected to it and working in AP mode (2.4GHz disabled, only 5GHz enabled) 3. 4 x RT-N66U working in media bridge mode, connected to #2 4. ALL RTs are configured to get their IP numbers...