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    vpn client stops working after WAN_Connection: WAN was restored.

    Same here. Log says WAN_Connection: WAN was restored. No earlier warnings than the usual warnings over link-mtu / keysize / comp-lzo witch keep coming all-day The existing connection is still working, but when i change the url to some other site no connection possible. Other users on that vpn...
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    VPNMON VPNMON-R2 v2.36 -Oct 29, 2022- Monitor your VPN connection's Health (New: AMTM, Round Robin, supporting WeVPN/Nord/SurfShark/PerfectPrivacy) (#2)

    Same here. Have constant wan down/up errors. A constant running vpn connection keeps running (iptv), but a new changed url is not possible. (DNS ?) Then have to restart the vpn. This is with or without VPNMON running, so not VPNMON blaming. The moment VPNMON checks the wan, it is probably up and...