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    Ambient Weather Device Loses Connection Nightly

    I have a WS2000 and I’ve recently started having it drop internet connection as well. It worked fine for over a year with 0 issues. However there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it decides to drop connection. Most times it reconnects on its own (sometimes takes hours though). I’m...
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    Setting up two Asus routers to extend wifi

    I too went back and forth between mesh and AP (wired). I went the AP route. I used same SSID, smart connect, and DIFFERENT channels for the router and AP. Works great for me.
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    Using 5GHz only

    Channel 108 is a DFS channel. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the power output is limited on DFS channels. Have you tried a non DFS channel?
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    2.4ghz ax88u

    I see it posted quite often about people not being happy with smart connect. It has always worked exactly as I want it to with default settings. I understand there’s people who want 100% control and I get why they’d prefer no smart connect but overall I don’t know why it gets such a bad rap. I...
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    AP/AiMesh Roaming RT-AX58U

    I won't be home for a week to test on my own AP but it looks like a recent firmware update added 802.11k to the AX58U. Below is from my parents who have an AX58U running the latest stock firmware. Edit: For anyone that is curious, the latest Merlin (384.18) does not have 802.11k on the AX58U.
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    [Release] FreshJR Adaptive QOS (Improvements / Custom Rules / and Inner workings)

    Something’s not right there. If I run a Speedtest across multiple sites (dslreports,,, etc.) I always end up with results in the same ballpark. I’d manually check a few different sites with QOS off and see what you get. I’d imagine it’s going to be in the 450 range.
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    [Release] FreshJR Adaptive QOS (Improvements / Custom Rules / and Inner workings)

    As far as I know the automatic bandwidth setting doesn’t work. Set your up and down speeds manually. For one IP use /32. If your game console is input for the gaming rule.
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    QOS Classification Pie Data Blank

    Thanks Merlin that makes me feel better.
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    QOS Classification Pie Data Blank

    Thanks for moving, I intended to post in this forum but realized after the fact I did not. I uninstalled FreshJR, restarted QOS, and restarted the router. Same thing. Very weird. It does seem to categorize the connections though so if QOS is actually working correctly I don't really care about...
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    QOS Classification Pie Data Blank

    Anyone else have this problem? I'm setting up an AX58U for my parents and the upload download data is blank in QOS. I have an AX88U at my house and everything works as intended with FreshJR. I've factory reset the router, uninstalled and reinstalled FreshJR multiple times and I'm at a loss...
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    AX58 - Merlin First-timer

    You can schedule a weekly reboot to take place in the middle of the night when everyone’s asleep if you need to go that route, but I’d just watch it and see if it reoccurs for now.
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    AX58 - Merlin First-timer

    My AX58U is setup as an AP and an AX88U is my main router and I’ve never had a need to have a scheduled reboot. I’d reboot and see if it fixes it. If it does just see how long it runs without issue. If the problem reoccurs again and is fixed by a reboot, scheduling a weekly reboot wouldn’t be a...
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    AX58 - Merlin First-timer

    Same issue even after a router reboot?
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    Merlin on an AP

    I had some down time working from home yesterday and decided to install Merlin on my AP. I installed, did a factory reset, and it’s running great. Thanks!
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    Ideal setup for AC87U as wireless router & AC3200 as access point?

    You’ll get better roaming performance using the same SSID and password for both. Try that and see how it goes. Newer routers have implemented 802.11k and v which makes roaming fairly seamless, not sure if your routers support those protocols though.