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    Adguard Home On the router itself - Script Install-Fully Automated

    Why do you need a script when you can just use the DNS over TLS server list? Or just set it on the WAN DNS side???
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    LG smart tv doesn't connect to internet with RT-AC68U

    Should make sure the LG tv is getting an IP on the network and isn't overlapping with another device on the network. Double-check it's getting it's DNS from the router as well. If that checks out you can try setting DNS manually on the TV to either google's or cloud flares
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    [SOLVED] Is there a way to open a port via the WebUI for a server running on the router itself?

    You might need to do a similar setup to that used by Transmission with iptables:
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 is now available

    Should be in the LAN 1 port.
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    Why do I need to sell my soul to boot the kids off the internet at bedtime?

    Could setup their devices to only connect to the one radio and then use the radio schedule to block their access.
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    A New Door Opens

    It would be nice to be able to contribute money directly to SNB similar to how we can contribute to @Rmerlins firmware.
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    Entware Timezone Issue

    Could try this from one of our old threads... in: /opt/etc/init.d/rc.func right before $PRECMD line in start() function add: export TZ=$(cat /etc/TZ) This is generic then to all Entware apps which might have the issue. No per app based change needed. No hand crafting TZ string either.
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    "Let's Encrypt" Updating...

    Is the date and time set correctly on your router?
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    Roku Netflix problem on Merlin Firmware

    Did you reset back to factory defaults and setup the router manually when going to the 384 branch?
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    Problematic DDNS+LE with NameCheap

    I've always specified a hostname, but you might be able to leave it blank in the custom script.
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    Problematic DDNS+LE with NameCheap

    No, using custom option. If I remember correctly the namecheap ddns selection is out of date &/or not secure. Don't include the @ in the domain name.
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    Is possible to change web gui default port??

    If you enable the HTTPS option only than the HTTP port will be inaccessible and you can set the HTTPS port to a different number if desired. This will secure the network traffic to the router as well as anyone could just sniff the http data to the router.
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    Dedicated SSID for VPN

    That'll only get you so far though. Say you have one device you want to be able to sometimes connect to the VPN and other times you want it to connect as through your ISP. Setting up the rules based on the static IP address forces it to always report through that one interface. Switching...
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    Dedicated SSID for VPN
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    Port forwarding to a host name rather than an IP

    What about setting the same Mac address for your VMs and then set as static lease so they get the same IP each time?