2 routers

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  1. B

    Connecting 2 Routers in Bridge Mode. Router configuration

    I am trying to connect two routers via a bridge as I am receiving poor connectivity on my first floor. I am planning to connect the 2 routers with Ethernet cable from LAN port of Router 1 (R1) to LAN port of Router 2 (R2). Is it the right way? My ISP's R1 is a FTTH dual band - some Chinese made...
  2. J

    Solved HOW TO use second router through VPN for guests

    Hi, I have a simple task, but I don't know how to do it and if it's easy as it is to ask... I have an AC1900p (AC68u Merlin's firmware). I want to use it as the main router for my family. I also have the router from my ISP (which can't connect to VPN as client). I want to connect the ISP...
  3. K

    AC66U Client Map Question - LAN shows up as Wireless client

    I have two AC66U's. I use one as a LAN router & the other as a Wireless Router. I am getting periodic connection issues with my wireless clients. I can't track the issue down but I noticed that the LAN one was listed as a client of the Wireless one. Is this normal or OK? The Wireless is...
  4. C

    2 Asus AC3100, main router and one as extender/AP/bridge?

    Hello all, I have seen similar threads but haven't come across my exact setup and hoping to shed some light on a setup. I currently have my main AC3100 router in my living room where the coax cable comes in and it covers most of my place. However, down the hall in the last bedroom/bathroom...