2.5g wan

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  1. Erah

    GT-AX6000 (Full Cone NAT)

    Hi all, I recently bought the GT-AX6000, flashed latest Merlin firmware and noticed no Full Cone NAT support. I understand that this feature had been removed : "388.1 (3-Dec-2022) - REMOVED: NAT Type setting on HND 5.04 devices (fullcone is not supported by kernel 4.19, so it wasn't...
  2. I

    GT-AX11000 - 2.5G WAN - not 2.5G at all!

    I have a 2.5Gb Fiber, and last year I connected the GT-AX11000 to a 2.5GB ONT via the 2.5G WAN port. For a few initial months the download internet speed never went over ~950Mbs, then out-of-the-blue last Nov the speed suddenly jumped to 1.4Gbs. I was happy... until one day in February when just...
  3. BlueOrbit

    Asus AX86U Router - 2.5 Gig port thoughts (2.5 Gig IN but not OUT)

    Asus AX86U is a great router, but only has one 2.5 gig port, which could be configured as either a WAN or LAN port. So, if I upgrade to 2.5 Gig Internet and use the 2.5 Gig port as a WAN, I am unable to distribute the high speed internet to other devices given they are 2.5 Gig compatible. WiFi 6...
  4. C

    RT-AX86U 2.5G port not giving close to 2.5G speed - troubleshoot

    Just purchased the RT-AX86U and using ASUS firmware With adaptive QoS turned off (turned on will only get 1.5G/950) SETUP: [Bell Fibe 3.0 Gbps, with 10G port] ---- Cat 6e, (tested with usb 2.5G NIC, got ~2.5G) ---- RT-AX86U (with 2.5G WAN port). Using the ASUS...