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  1. S

    TM-AC1900 CFE blacklisted non-TMO FW after merlin 380.61 updt after 2 yrs of regular merlin updates

    I could not update my TM-AC1900 (TMO's version of the Asus RT-AC68U) from asuswrt-merlin FW version 380.61 to 380.62 or 380.63. I have been installing periodic merlin FW updates for 2 years! Somehow the CFE blacklisted non-TMO FW! Here are the details of how I fixed the issue. Thought I would...
  2. K

    Router sometimes stops WAN traffic, allowing clients to associate with 380.61-0 on N66U

    A couple of weeks ago I saw that there was a new stable build of Merlin out, so I downloaded it and applied it to the router. Everything appeared to go OK, but since then, every few days the router will stop passing traffic to the WAN, and will not allow clients to associate to either the 2.4...
  3. BlackMage

    ASUS RT-AC68U Asuswrt-Merlin: XFS Support

    is for the RT-AC68U the filesystem XFS supported? i have currently the newest Asuswrt-Merlin installed (Version 380.61) and here i have seen it exists a source file to reads the filesystem label and uuid but i have not seen any read or write support is the complete support for XFS planned(or...
  4. Emanuel Silva

    Log only messages more urgent than not working

    Hi, I've setted logging to an external syslog server and all seams to work fine :) Even so, as I only want to log severe events, I've setted the parameter 'Log only messages more urgent than' to 'Warning' but the router still sends all events with less priority (notice and info). Does any one...
  5. M

    DDNS update fail after update to 380.6+

    After I updated my AC87U to the latest 380.60 beta2, my DDNS configuration to no-ip.org is not working anymore. I only realized that today, so I downloaded the new version 380.61 and updated my router, and DDNS still not working. After I choose server No-IP and correctly insert my login...
  6. S

    [fork] Asuswrt Merlin for RT-N16

    Announcing quick&dirty fork of Asuswrt Merlin for RT-N16. LATEST RELEASE: 380.61 beta1 RELEASED: 10-August-2016 Merlin fork 381.61 + Asuswrt Source: https://github.com/samsk/asuswrt-merlin Download: https://github.com/samsk/asuswrt-merlin/releases BUGS: some admin web pages...