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  1. S

    OpenVPN server no longer working since 380.65

    As the title says my OpenVPN server has stopped working since the upgrade to my RC68u. I have made the jump to 380.65_2, created a new server and performed numerous reboots but nothing works. I constantly see "Initialinzing the settings of OpenVPN server now, please wait a few minutes to let the...
  2. Smith6612

    RT-AC87U / R Kernel Panic with Dual WAN

    Hello! Since setting up dual WAN on the ASUS RT-AC87U, I have noticed a situation where the router will Kernel Panic at random, whenever one of the WAN connections drops out. I can reproduce the issue if I unplug one of the WAN connections from the router, usually on the first or second...
  3. Michele Rossi

    unable to export opvn settings - Merlin 380.65 on ac-68u

    hi, I am trying to set up an Open VPN server on my AC-68U running Merlin 380.65. There is a little box which says "Initialinzing the settings of OpenVPN server now, please wait a few minutes to let the server to setup completed before VPN clients establish the connection" That never goes...
  4. JamesK

    RT-AC68U wireless turning itself off

    Hi All, I've got an issue with my RT-AC68U randomly turning off both wireless radios and I can't figure out what's going on. My setup consists of an RT-AC87U running as my main router and the RT-AC68U connected to it via ethernet and configured as an access point. Both are running Merlin...
  5. S

    AC-5300 Guest Network & Airprint Printers

    I have a client (auto dealership) that we've install an AC-5300 to broadcast an employee secured network (hidden); and have enable the guest network for customers to hop on while in the showroom. With more and more mobile devices we now have then need to allow customers to print to airprint...
  6. Stobber

    crond runs "cmd service start_vpnserver1" every minute

    I'm running 380.65 on an RT-N66U with one OVPN server enabled (and no clients). I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, but I noticed this in my syslog: Feb 23 10:52:00 crond[234]: USER admin pid 761 cmd service start_vpnserver1 Feb 23 10:52:00 rc_service: service 762:notify_rc...
  7. M

    [Solved] OpenVPN server-client: How do I get server LANs visible on client's side?

    Hi all, I am a noob regarding OpenVPN. But in order to get my local LAN accessible over Internet I followed several recommendations and tried to get OpenVPN working. Following this thread I successfully get a working connection between my home router (RTAC56U) and a client on an office...
  8. J

    IPv6 through IPv4 openVPN tunnel

    My AC87U with merlin 380.65 firmware is running an openvpn 2.4 server at home, and has native IPv6 support from my ISP. I am trying to enable access to IPv6 when I am away from home through the IPv4 vpn tunnel. I have tried following the instructions here...
  9. J

    OpenVPN 2.4 with ECC and ECDH

    Hi. First things first, want to thank Merlin for the great work on the firmware - really appreciate the hard work that goes into this project :) So, I've upgraded the firmware on my AC87U to 380.65, which comes with OpenVPN 2.4. So now I'm trying to set up a server that uses Elliptic Curve...