380.70 bug

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    RT-AC66U/380.70_0 Possible bug in web interface

    The configuration of the system: RT-AC66U with Merlin 380.70_0 with active OpenVPN server and client. No external access (from WAN), through OpenVPN/LAN only. SSH is active for LAN side only also. When connecting to server using OpenVPN 2.4.6 latest Windows client the access to web interface is...
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    380.70.0 update cripples my routers

    I had been running 380.70.0 on both my RT-AC3200 and RT-AC68U for some days and all of a sudden I get notification today that there is an update. Installed the update from Merlin's downloadsite, weird that it's the same version but hey... and then it said to manually reboot my RT-AC3200. Big...
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    RT-N66U loses connection with latest firmware (380.69)

    After upgrading to 380.69, my media bridge RT-N66U loses the connection after 12 to 24 hours and has to be re-booted. It didn't used to do that. It's connected to my RT-AC87U as a media bridge for my PS4, smart TV, and a computer. I went back to the previous firmware for the RT-N66U...