382.1_2 firmware

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  1. S


    Hi Merlin, I want to check the performance of FULLMAC BCM4365 by using a SOFTMAC driver to bypass the internal firmware and gain flexibility of modifying the chip behaviour. Can you help me out from which step I should start? I have login via SSH to the Router and first checked for the debug...
  2. Personality disorder 99

    FTP problem new update RT-AC88U: 382.1_2 firmware

    Hi, After receiving a notification on my RT-AC88U, for a new ASUSwrt-Merlin firmware. I went too get the new firmware 382.1_2 on Sourceforge. After installing it i got trouble using FTP with my NAS. Normally my speed was around 500mb/s, now the speed dropped to 95mb/s and its killing the whole...