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  1. Skeptical.me

    ExpressVPN & Merlin 384.15

    Introduction A few days ago I updated to 384.15_beta1. Yesterday I reset my router to default factory settings. I ran into an issue when setting up an OpenVPN Client and connecting to the server where the client hung with a "connecting..." status. I want to just point to a solution for anyone...
  2. Skeptical.me

    IPv6 & Unbound Problems

    Today I installed Unbound, and enabled IPv6 in my RT-AX88U after installing Merlin 384.15_beta1 1. From a Networking App on my iMac I keep receiving warnings that "DNS resolution is not working" 2. On ipleak.net I see this: 3. Only very few web pages will load, for example Google.com I'm...