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  1. M

    Massive problems with firmware 386.9 on RT-AC5300 router

    When I install firmware 386.9 on my ASUS RT-AC5300 router, I experience massive problems in many areas. The internet connection itself works, but the following services do not work anymore: - FTP access to the connected USB hard drive - Streaming services like Crunchyroll or Netflix can no...
  2. E

    386.9 upgraded and get immediate low NVRAM warning after.

    I just updated an RT-AC68u to 386.9 from 386.7_2 and am immediately getting a low NVRAM warning suggesting I factory reset. I have 6 reserved DHCP addresses, run FLEXQOS and an openvpn server that is currently inactive. Is this warning a bug, a new feature that did not exist or something else...
  3. N

    RT-AC86U Issues with DDNS in release 386.9

    Hi, Every time I tried to configure the DDNS service in my router AC86U with asuswrt-merlin 386.9 (the same with 389.9_beta1), the router gave me an error in establishing a connection with each server I chose (asus, no-ip,...). Then I went back to release 386.7_2 and everything worked perfectly...