4g dongle

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  1. S

    3G/4G Dongle connected but no internet

    Hi, I moved into a new house a couple of days ago and set up broadband early so we'd have internet access quickly. I've been told there's a 'construction issue' so there will be a delay. I need constant internet access for my 3D rendering program and access to my router for the NAS. The best...
  2. L

    Recommended 4G failover device? ASUS AC68P

    Looking to do 4G failover with Google Fi sim. Just for my home, not business. What do you guys reccomend... Netgear LB2120 or what USB dongle? thx!
  3. TheStork

    4G dongle that passes external IP to router?

    Does anyone know which Asus compatible 4G/LTE dongles pass the external IP address to the router? I'm trying to set up a AC87U (with Merlin 380.65_2 firmware) where I'm trying to use ddns and OpenVPN server with a 4G USB dongle as the primary (and only) WAN connection. I bought a ZTE MF823 4G...
  4. V

    AC68 not compatiable with 4G dongles in Finland.

    Currently, I have AC68 and HUAWEI E3372 4G dongle. The problem is all Google based service are extremely slow, like Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps, Keep, Photo... But when I directly connect the 4G dongle to the computer, everything is fine. Then I tried to connect AC68 to my mobile phone's...