5 ghz

  1. Flying Dutchman

    [EAX-80] - Is another EAX-80 seen as radar?

    I have 2x an EAX-80. This to cover the whole house with WiFi6. They are both connected over CAT6 cable to the router and set-up as Access Points. When I set both AP's 5 GHz band to channel 108 this band is often not starting on both on power-up. I see the 2.4 GHz band coming up but the 5 GHz...
  2. B

    RT-AC87U - WiFi not fully disabled?

    Got a good deal on a AC87U so upgraded from a AC66U. Installed 380.68_4 right away and got to work getting it set up. Since I have a Ubiquiti AP, I have no need for the wifi on this router. In Wireless -> professional, disabled both the 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands. great done.... except maybe not...