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  1. javiertecla

    Aimesh AX11000 + GT AC5300

    good evening dear community, I would like you to be able to guide me to try to configure my Aimesh in the best way, I will share with you how I have set the options and if you can tell me what would be right or what would really be wrong. The idea is to be able to squeeze as much as I can from...
  2. Zen

    RT-AC5300 is unable to visit some websites after AiCloud activation

    Hi all, as mentioned in the title above, the issue persists even after turning it off again. I had to do factory reset without AiCloud on to access websites like Wikipedia and bank website. The signature is the latest version 29/9/2019. Firmware is 384.13. Just checking if anyone has similar...
  3. A

    RT-AC5300 slow internet speed

    Hi, guys I'm having some slow internet speed issue with my RT-AC5300 router. Any suggestion is appreciated! Here's the situation: I got xfinity 100MBPS internet. I have a Linksys CM3024 High Speed DOCSIS 3.0 24x8 Cable Modem. When I connect my computer directly to the modem, I am seeing the...
  4. HuskyHerder

    rt-5300 no 2.4, 5g only node

    I purchased a used 5300 unseen w/ some kind of issue. It turns out it was a non working 2.4 radio. No issue w/ that as I wouldn't really need the 2.4 channel on this particular unit. o_O I couldn't pass up a $35.00 purchase err. chance for a roll of the dice. :cool: The unit looks like it just...
  5. daviworld

    RT-AC5300 Performance & Security Guide

    I don't know if this will be helpful to anyone. But, thought I would share my set-up and hopefully help some people in their quest for performance and security. Check page 2, post #34 for 2019 updated/added info -------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start with...
  6. Slapdaddy

    AC5300 on 380.66.4 "Forgetting" QoS Rules

    Hello...been a while since I've been around here but I've got a legitimate issue that some smart minds can definitely help me figure out.. :) I've got an AC5300 running the latest Merlin firmware (this issue has persisted on ALL firmware revisions since I've owned the router). I've got quite a...
  7. K

    Router Features with Synology NAS

    Currently, I am running an RT-AC5300 running the latest version of Merlin. However, I am considering downgrading because I am also running a Synology DS916+ NAS. The NAS makes many of the features on the 5300, such as USB media access, etc. pointless to have. I do like the interface of Asus's...