5ghz lag

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  1. giopas

    ASUS RT-AC87U 5Ghz connection issues

    Hi all, I think/hope I am not the only one, but I keep having significant problems using 5GHz wifi connection on my RT-AC87U with latest Merlin's FW (but also before). In particular, even if I am really close to the router, it is very difficult to access from my phone same network resources or...
  2. wheelq

    slow startup of 5ghz

    After I reboot my 86u, 2.4ghz wifi appears first, but for the 5ghz one I have to wait +1, +2 minutes. is this normal?
  3. N

    5GHz AC Wifi Question

    Hello everybody! I am new to this forum and i hope i can contribute in some way! :D I have a total asus wifi combo: RT-AC68U + PCE-AC68. Let me explain the issue: I have a lot of devices at home, but basically it is configured for everything to be in 2.4Ghz and two gaming pc on 5GHz. The...