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  1. J

    N/AC/AX Mixed Wireless Mode, “Maximizes performance”?

    In the Wireless tab, under General, 5GHz has the option to select [N + AC( + AX)] as the Wireless Mode. In the information box, it informs you that this option “Maximizes performance” at the cost of 802.11a. My question is this: Does this option actually do anything in terms of increasing the...
  2. S

    RT-AX88U(Router) + RT-AX58U(Node): DFS State "NOT Active" when 160Mhz clients are connected ONLY to AiMesh Node

    I have AiMesh configuration with AX88U (Main Router) -> AX58U (Node - Connected via Ethernet Backhaul). Both Router/Node is updated to latest Firmware version and all "Settings" are default to Factory recomended. Only, when 160Mhz client is connected to AX88U(Main), I am...
  3. R

    Local network randomly inaccessible from 5GHz interface

    RT-AX88U, 388.4 Since I installed Merlin 1.5yr ago, I randomly/rarely (6-7x) get this issue: local network simply stops being accessible from a 5GHz connected device, while internet keeps working. Also, this issue never affects 2.4GHz connected devices. Nothing found in the logs. Router reboot...
  4. S

    WiFi Radar (Site Survey) does not work on 5Ghz.

    WiFi Radar doesn't show 5Ghz signal and works on 2.4Ghz, I see there are some related topics, but it doesn't solve the problem. Does WiFi Radar not work on most models, or is it limited to the AX86U? Resetting the router had no effect.
  5. i0ntempest

    AX86U on 386.7_2: Wireless falling back to 80MHz even if I set 160MHz?

    I just noticed that on the newest 386.7_2 firmware, if I set 160MHz on the 5GHz band, it will initially use 160MHz but later reduce to 80MHz (I'm seeing this using WiFi Explorer on macOS). I know 160MHz is 99% unnecessary, I just want to know if this is the intended behavior with this new...
  6. R

    Ongoing issues with RT AC86U (2.4GHz - drop out & 5GHz - network adapter?)

    I just upgraded to Merlin 386.7 and found that my Windows 10 Pro desktop is not seeing the 5GHz SSID/band even after a hard reset on both devices. I cannot recall if it was working just before (thought I know that it was working recently - like within the last few months) since I usually leave...
  7. P

    2.4Ghz and 5Ghz connection inconsistent with smart connect rules.

    I have some problems with my 2.4GHz and 5Ghz bands. It seems that the smart connect rules do not help at all the clients roaming between the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz bands. I have one main router and two aiMesh nodes. The mesh nodes have the standard ASUS firmware, whereas the main router as the merlin...
  8. P

    5GHz Wifi drops and set to open system

    I have AX56U with latest merlin firmware 386.4. The 5Ghz connection was dropped and it was being set to Open System (WPA2 before). Checked the log and I do see few lines of "Deauthenticated because sending station is leaving (or has left) IBSS or ESS (3)" Not sure if this is relevant but it is...
  9. M

    change wireless band to 5Ghz

    Hi all, I have Asuswrt-Merlin 386.4 on RT-AC86U. I changed my WIFI settings with: enable smart connect OFF Band 5Ghz Hide SSID Yes Wireless mode N/AC mixed however, on my phone (Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro, Android 11) I am still connected with 2.4GHz. On W10 laptop I got 5Ghz. Am I missing something...
  10. kokein

    RT-AX88U WiFi Off button 5hz problem - FW: 386.2

    Hello, I'm using Asuswrt-Merlin fw: 386.2 for RT-AX88U and tried to turn off Wi-Fi using built in button. But after this router done a full reboot and I was not be able to turn it back on. LED for WiFi on the router was turned ON only for 2,4ghz - but network was not avaliable/visible for...
  11. whippoorwill

    Devices preferentially connect to 2.4GHz band suddenly

    Dear Friends, I have an odd problem all of a sudden. Earlier most of my devices, most of which are new, were connecting to the 5GHz band by default. Suddenly, and I can't pinpoint what exactly caused this, but now many of them prefer to connect to the 2.4GHz band. Don't know why. After that I...
  12. G

    Strange 5Ghz problem with RT-AX86U

    Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well. I have a question, where I can't find the exact same problem as myself on the forum. I recently bought a RT-AX86U which was marvelous. But the past weekend, my girlfriend forgot to turn off the YouTube app on a Xiaomi TV Box, and YouTube (With...
  13. C

    AC88U 5Ghz issue

    Hi all, For the last few months, I've been having a strange issue with my AC88U which up to then had been performing with no issues at all for about 3 years. Some devices, not all, cannot seem to connect to the router on the 5Ghz band anymore. I normally have it on smart connect and these...
  14. C

    XT8 using 2.4ghz as backhaul even though worse than 5ghz

    I've just picked up a pair of XT8s and have updated them to the latest firmware ( I was surprised to find that my devices were using the 2.4GHz band as the backhaul - with a 1/3 bar connection. I rebooted and they were once again connected with a 3/3 bar connection on the...
  15. M

    5Ghz wifi speed issue

    Hi all, I'm running a DSL-AC750 modem router. I always had some "issues" with WiFi and now I just realized that with 2,4Ghz wifi I can reach a transfer rate of 2,4MB/s between router and my smartphone. With 5Ghz wifi, transfer rate drop to 250KB/s with 100% wifi signal strength. Any idea why...
  16. S

    RT-AC86U & DFS Channels (EU Model)

    So I have recently purchased an RT-AC86U to replace my ageing RT-AC68U as I now have 30+ devices connected to my network and the 68U was starting to show its age a little bit (sometimes devices were sluggish, and a couple if times it locked up completely requiring a full power off and on) The...
  17. M

    RT-AC58U 5GHz issues

    Several times per day my AC-58U refuses to work on the 5GHz band. Looking at the system log I can see the following repeating 50-100 times: Jul 14 12:59:02 kernel: Switching to Tx Mode-1 Threshold 0 Jul 14 12:59:10 kernel: Switching to Tx Mode-1 Threshold 280 Jul 14 12:59:14 kernel: Switching to...
  18. N

    RT-AC66U_B1 5GHz guest unable to connect keeps dropping and retrying

    RT-AC66U_B1 running 384.17 in Wireless Router mode. 5GHz wireless is set to Channel 36. AiMesh is disabled/not used. A device on the 5GHz Guest network (Amazon fire TV stick) is today unable to connect. The router is set to reboot each morning at 4am, just in case anything bad happens if I...
  19. A

    RT-AC86U 5GHz Automatically Disables?

    This has happened once before and just happened again now. All of a sudden the 5GHz radio gets disabled. I immediately saved the log and copied the pertinent part and attached it below. I'm running 384.13 with amtm and Skynet and a 2GB Swap. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  20. Kashif Tasneem

    GT-AX11000 -> No 160 Mhz on 5Ghz-2?

    Hi. Does 5Ghz-2 band not support 160 Mhz? Please see the attached image. I have 160 Mhz appearing only on 5Ghz-1. 160 Mhz isn't available on 5Ghz-2 channel bandwidth dropdown as well.