1. M

    RT-AC58U 5GHz issues

    Several times per day my AC-58U refuses to work on the 5GHz band. Looking at the system log I can see the following repeating 50-100 times: Jul 14 12:59:02 kernel: Switching to Tx Mode-1 Threshold 0 Jul 14 12:59:10 kernel: Switching to Tx Mode-1 Threshold 280 Jul 14 12:59:14 kernel: Switching to...
  2. N

    RT-AC66U_B1 5GHz guest unable to connect keeps dropping and retrying

    RT-AC66U_B1 running 384.17 in Wireless Router mode. 5GHz wireless is set to Channel 36. AiMesh is disabled/not used. A device on the 5GHz Guest network (Amazon fire TV stick) is today unable to connect. The router is set to reboot each morning at 4am, just in case anything bad happens if I...
  3. A

    RT-AC86U 5GHz Automatically Disables?

    This has happened once before and just happened again now. All of a sudden the 5GHz radio gets disabled. I immediately saved the log and copied the pertinent part and attached it below. I'm running 384.13 with amtm and Skynet and a 2GB Swap. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  4. Kashif Tasneem

    GT-AX11000 -> No 160 Mhz on 5Ghz-2?

    Hi. Does 5Ghz-2 band not support 160 Mhz? Please see the attached image. I have 160 Mhz appearing only on 5Ghz-1. 160 Mhz isn't available on 5Ghz-2 channel bandwidth dropdown as well.
  5. Kashif Tasneem

    AC-5300 only 5Ghz-1 band working

    Hi. I purchased a used ac-5300. I had set it up it’s dual wan option with fall back selected. It worked fine for 2 days. Then on the 3rd day, I restarted it and it got stuck with power led and both bands leds on. No wifi option ssid was shown, i connected it directly with ethernet but could not...
  6. Adamm

    [Release] ChannelHog - Monitor And Force Maximum 5GHz Bandwidth For AX88U

    UPDATED 11/01/2020 ChannelHog - Monitor and force maximum 5GHz bandwidth for the AX88U About; Tired of badly configured neighbours and DFS cutting your wireless bandwidth in half? Then this is the script for you! ChannelHog will monitor your current 5GHz channel bandwidth on a daily...
  7. S

    Extending R7800 5Ghz signal

    We have Virgin media for broadband but their superhub 2ac router kept dropping the wifi signal (annoying with Nest cameras) and I would have to reboot it every few months. I've since put it in modem mode and attached the R7800 which I love. Solid signal. Almost no downtime (I've had to reboot it...
  8. Kamil Mirza

    [SOLVED] Android devices can only detect Channel 149 153 157 161 on 5GHz Band

    greetings from past few months I have noticed a strange thing that all my Android devices (phones, tablets and even Chromecasts) can ONLY detect and connect to Channel 149 153 157 161 165 on 5GHz band Apple devices (iPhones and iPads) can see and connect to any 5GHz Channels (like 36 40 44 48)...
  9. U

    5 GHz Connection Speeds on 384.13

    Thanks for the great work, @RMerlin ! I updated to 384.13 from 384.12 today on an RT-AC3100 and noticed almost immediately that my 5GHz 802.11ac clients were no longer able to connect at full speeds. The fastest speeds under System Log - Wireless Log -> 5GHz were 228 Mbps. I know for a fact...
  10. B

    New RT-AX88U 5GHZ disappears after a few minutes except on select channels

    Hey forum, I am experiencing the exact same issue as described in this thread I did not want to necro a five year old post pertaining to different HW and FWs... But I am very surprised there is so little info since then. Seems like all the posts about this issue stem from this time period...
  11. T

    ASUS Blue Cave + 2 x Lyra-mini (aimesh)

    Hi, I have configured my ASUS Blue Cave as my main AIMesh router. I have connected through wired connections 2 x lyra-mini aimesh nodes. A switch is linking all 3 together. Both nodes show off in the Asus Blue Cave Aimesh config page, so that's working. My Asus Blue Cave is sending out a 2,4...
  12. B

    Poor wireless performance

    Hello, Since a month or 2 my wireless internet is much slower than before. I have 3 accespoints (2x netgear WNDR4300 and 1x dlink DIR600) so wifi coverage is not the problem, I have tested the wired performance of every accespoint including the main router (ISP provided router) these speeds are...
  13. S

    RT-AC86U Problems with Smart Connect

    So it seems like there is a problem with my Smart connect feature on my RT-AC86U. Every time I enable it, all of my devices are connected to 2.4GHz. Even if I disable it and try to get into the 5GHz channel, it doesn't let me in. I have found a fix to it by changing the Control Channel from Auto...
  14. E

    Poor download speed over WiFi with Asus ac86u 5 GHz

    I recently purchased an Asus RT-AC86U. I've now set it up, downloaded and installed the latest version of firmware from Asus and I'm not getting the download speeds over WiFi that I was expecting to get. My internet plan is 300Mbps down and 300Mbps up (PPPoE). Wired conection is ok but on WiFi...
  15. B

    No 5Ghz on my new AC86U?!

    Got a new AC86U (via legitimate UK retail and not Gearbest...etc). Set up on stock FW. Genuinely impressed with it so far - knocks to stuffing out of my old AC87U which it is replacing in terms of speed. I get near line speed from my ISP (Virgin Media 250Mb Vivid unlimited) on the 2.4Ghz band...
  16. M

    RT-ac66u any point upgrading?

    Hi, I'm considering a new router for improved wifi throughput and after some advice as I do not know if my current notebook will benefit or if simple location changes may yield the gains I want. Also, having read the intel specs for wifi card and knowing the AC66u I'm still not certain if my...
  17. N

    Wireless 5GHz clients shown as wired

    As in subject, all my 5GHz clients as shown as wired. ASUS RT-AC87U, running Merlin 384.7. The first two are wired, the rest 5GHz. Am I only having this issue?
  18. R

    Missing 5Ghz clients

    hi. Under Network Map—>view list, can’t find any of my 5Ghz clients. Some of them appear under wired clients, but they’re not wired. This happened when upgrading from 380.70 directly to 384.5 on my Asus rt-ac87u. Complete factory reset was done before upgrading. Is this a known issue? -René
  19. P

    RT-AC3100 slow GUI when 5GHZ radio is on

    Hi all, I'm not certain if anybody will be able to provide any advice or not about this issue (see below), but since I haven't seen my exact symptoms mentioned I thought mentioning it would serve the dual purpose of potentially providing a solution, but also alerting others who might have...
  20. D

    Semi-bricked AC87U

    Hi everyone, I have an AC87U that just run-out of warranty 4 months ago and it broke, meaning that. Not working: - the 5GHz remains disabled after reboot - the WAN port does not connect over PPPoE and remains on red - the LAN ports (2,3,4) are not forwarding one to the other Is working: - I can...