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  1. toaruScar

    Solved 6in4 IPv6 stops working after a while on AX88U

    I bought an AX-88U to replace my old router. I use 6in4 provided by HE's tunnelbroker to enable IPv6 on my LAN. I have been using HE's 6in4 for a long time with my old router and it was able to go on for months without interruption. Now with my new AX88U, IPv6 connection stops working after 3-5...
  2. ekze

    AC66U slow with 6in4 - advise on new router

    I've been struggling with my AC66U (old rev.) speed issues, finally I narrowed it down to IPv6. When I enable 6in4, my speed over ipv4 gets capped at around ~130-150 mbps, and router is lagging like crazy (ICMP 20-30ms, unresponsive web), as soon as I disable IPv6, I get ~700-900 mbps without...