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  1. torstein

    How long will 802.11n be supported by router makers?

    So to my joy Apple re-introduced the big HomePod yesterday. To my despair it now has 802.11n wireless instead of 802.11ac which the previous one had. I expected it to be 802.11ax, so I'm just baffled here. Wifi4 in a brand new product in 2023? What will this have to say for the future of this...
  2. amigoccs

    Use a 802.11n 2T2R or 802.11ac with GbE Router to Improve NAS Performance

    Does it worth upgrading your Fast Ethernet to GbE in a wireless router improve performance? Wireless Performance Comparison I want to accelerate uploading files to my QNAP Ts-119PII and bought RT-AC1200g+ to replace my RT-AC51u. Here is the test result in QNAP TS-119PII with Different Wireless...
  3. U

    Dir-822 vs Dir-823 (and where on Earth is Dir-823)

    Hi guys So I'm contemplating buying either the dir 822 or the 823 from d-link... both fairly inexpensive, at least on aliexpress (at about 30 usd) and both AC1200 routers, which is good. I actually don't need them for their ac compliance but more for that fact they are cheap and transmit 5ghz...
  4. N

    Good wireless adapter to capture 802.11n traffic?

    What would be a good wireless adapter to capture 802.11n traffic? I need to capture traffic between 2.4 GHz 1x1 MIMO 802.11n client and 802.11ac access point. Windows 7 and 10 is preferred. I have tried Netgear's A6200 2x2 MIMO 802.11ac adapter but cannot get it working well. I use driver...
  5. Julio Urquidi

    D-Link Announces N300 Outdoor PoE AP

    D-Link introduced its latest outdoor POE access point, the DAP-3320. Designed for business applications ranging from SMB to enterprise, the new AP can be centrally managed, along with other APs, using D-Link’s Central WiFi Manager. The DAP-3320 is a 2.4 GHz 802.11n device using a 2 dBi antenna...
  6. D

    Very confused-- please help

    I've literally spent *hours* carefully combing through the data on SNB. I have now cancelled two separate router orders (which is quite unlike me) upon coming across new information. The more data I came across today, the more confused I became, as many articles (and recommendations by its...