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  1. Don Draper

    "Let's Encrypt" Updating...

    RT-AC68U Firmware Version:384.6 I enabled Let's encrypt immediately after last update and it worked smooth, no issues. Today I noticed the server certificate did not automatically renew and was expired. I disabled and enabled Let's Encrypt, reboot router, now its just stuck on updating. Log is...
  2. H

    Issues with 384.6 - RT-AC68R in bridge mode

    just for background info, I had this similar issue earlier this year with all of the early 384.x builds. I have been unable to get the Bridge mode stable past 380.X. What is happening so far on 384.6 is being disconnected from the internet while being wired into the bridge. This happens...
  3. R

    Asus-Merlin: Route vpn client to connected VPN server? [OpenVPN]

    Hi, I have an ac68 that acts as a openvpn server. At my paretns house I have a ubuntu server that has openvpn server too. Beside using ac68 as a vpn server, its connected as a client to the ubuntu server, with the following redirect rule: VPN Flow chart...
  4. J

    Upgrading 4G devices and need help with compatibility.

    I currently have a 551L modem and looking to switch to a XLTE model. I used to have the mifi 2100 that worked with my cradlepoint but when they switched me to the 4G device the new mobile hotspots wouldn't work with the MBR1200 model as it doesn't support wan over wifi.. I switched routers last...
  5. B

    Asus RT-AC68: Partial Routing of the traffic to paid VPN

    Hi, I have a network with 2 computers, one Apple TV and one Smart TV, all connected to the same ASUS Wifi router. My objective is to have the Apple TV traffic, and only the Apple TV traffic, to go through a paid VPN service (HMA). To achieve that I have set up an OpenVPN client on the Asus...