1. Fix3r

    RT AC68U Firmware update issue. Just asks to log in and nothing changes

    Hi, Trying to update firmware of this router, I tried automatic update through the GUI, but It doesn't work. Same for manual by downloading the latest firmware on the ASUS website. It just says "wait applying settings" (paraphrase) and then asks me to log in again. It then ceases to detect...
  2. wild4gwonderer

    [UK] Asus 4G-AC68U router, constantly dropping connection on EE mobile network?

    Hi all, I recently decided to give up fixed line ADSL as I will be travelling around the UK a lot. After doing some research into 4G Wireless routers, I settled with the ASUS 4G-AC68U partly because it looks cool and also due to its WIFI antenna ranges. Initial testing of the router was done...
  3. A

    Is a dedicated wireless backhaul better for a wireless bridge?

    I understand why it's better for "mesh" systems, which have repeaters, but my use case is to connect an AC86U as a media bridge (stock Asus firmware) to a R7800 as the main router. This AC68U will go behind the TV where I'll run Ethernet to several devices from it. Right now I have it connected...
  4. S

    Router = AC86U AiMesh Node = AC68U (wfd_unregisterdevice) Instability Fix

    I searched all over the place for this issue, and never saw a clear cut thread - to the point I spent significant time of trial and error to figure this out. I hope this will help someone out... Setup: AC86U = Main Router AC68U = AiMesh Node Backhaul = Wireless Smart Connect = Disabled SSID's...
  5. kintamanate

    RT-AC86U - no lights (except port 4), no connectivity

    Hello, I'll break my story into 3 parts, history, issue(s) and what I've tried, if you want to skim or just read ahead. My life's story About 8 years ago I started out with an AC68U. I used Asus and Merlin firmware on it. Two years ago when I moved into a bigger place I got an AC86U to put...
  6. K

    RT-AC68U best way to update to the latest firmwire

    Hi, I have currently 384.5 Merlin running, It is big leap to 384.17. What method should I follow to successfully update it. (clear nvram) Thanks
  7. solstyce

    how to debug an iptable problem?

    I'm an iptables savage - I know just enough to know how thoroughly I could ruin my network configuration, and could use some help. I've tried to wrap my head around iptables several times over the years, and each time stagger away with a headache. I've run into a problem where my AC68U drops...
  8. J

    Missing Download Master downloads

    Have just reconfig'd my modem/router setup, and using a Fritzbox 7490 as modem/phone/router config'd as IP and an Asus RT-AC68U as my 'main' router (IP, with external drive connected, meshed with an identical 68U. Works fine for most things, but trying to use...
  9. A

    Has anyone else seen a performance difference in Upper/Lower 5GHz bands?

    ... A difference in PERFORMANCE I should have said. Can't edit that now. While I was digging for some information about whether my RT-AC68U (B2) is the identical same as RT-AC68P (which I still don't know) I stumbled down a rabbit hole leading to FCC certification documents for FCC ID...
  10. W

    avoid minidlna.log

    Hello I have tried to connect a HDD USB drive which is recognized by ASUS AC1900U, and through samba I can browse and use it. But I noticed that drive is constantly being used even if I'm not accessing it. It is scratching constantly. And Cpu1/cpu2 and RAM are almost 100% all the time... It...
  11. W

    Unable to block internet access to a client: RT-AC1900U / RT-AC68U

    Hello! I have just bought an asus AC1900U to substitute my provider router (Moivistar, triple VLAN config). I'm very happy with it. Amazing wifi reach and speed, and I love the UI. And configured very easily. I only have one problem that I can't understand. From clients (either in
  12. D

    [Newbe question] Setup of separate guest network with exeptation

    At the moment I use for quest the WiFi network created on wl0.2 interface - GUESTNET (until I start work with VLANs but this is second stage :( for me and I things it take time...) I decided that GUESTNET i separate from home network and have access to internet via main or vpn connection (it's...
  13. 4

    SMB not working unless it's been several hours after reboot AC68U 384.14

    Hi there, First things first, happy new year to everyone here in the forum and thanks to all of you who work very hard in order to make the Asus Merlin FW possible! You guys rock! I've been pulling my hair trying to fix a weird issue on my AC68U (384.14). The problem I'm having is that my...
  14. Protik

    How do I configure a switch so that the devices connected to it get IP from the router?

    Hi all, I have overgrown my number of devices that I can connect to my AC68U running Merlin's 384.13. So going to buy a GS305E switch. In terms of networking knowledge, I am a noob. So I need your help. How do I configure the switch so that the devices connect to the switch get IP from the...
  15. TorchedPoseidon

    RT-AC86U Policy Based Routing through VPN conundrum

    I have issues trying to route traffic from tcp port 51413. I have the feeling it's something simple that's staring me in the face, but can't for the life of me find what I'm missing so I was hoping for some extra eyes to help me out. The goal: Have only traffic (inbound and outbound) from port...
  16. P

    [AC68U] using IPv6 on LAN

    Hi there. I’ve been having issues getting some Nest Protects onto my network. Nest support are out of ideas, but I suspect the issue is because they need to use IPv6. I’ve just done a factory reset of my AC68U, and set it to use a native IPv6 WAN connection, and stateful LAN. However my device...
  17. d0g

    Repeater antenna question

    My base router is an Asus AC87U, and I'm using an AC68U as a repeater. Works pretty well; the AC68U reports "Link rate: 234 Mbps, RSSI: -58 dBm" and we get up to 60 mbps (of our 200mbps) through it. The AC87U is in the guest house/office, with just 1 ethernet client, and the AC68U is in the...
  18. R

    AC68U openvpn issue

    Hi, I have some issue when setting up the openvpn server. My firmware version is 384.13. I exported the configure file and imported on my android phone, which is running android 10. I am using UDP wiht 1194. My ac68u is behind a modem/router. Port forwarding is setup on the modem. I can connect...
  19. J

    Need Advice for AiMesh with AC86U primary with two AC68U nodes

    Hello Everyone, Here's the situation: Asus RT-AC86U (on thee way), plan to flash with Merlin, primary Aimesh router Two RT-68U's, one with Merlin, other stock firmware, Aimesh access points/nodes Netgear CM-1000 Docsis 3.1 modem MaxxSouth 250/10 Mb/s cable Ethernet cable exists from primary...
  20. F

    Bricked RT-AC68U when downgrading CFE

    Hi, I was trying to downgrade the CFE for overclocking, because CFE does not allow overclocking. The original firmware were: CFE Firmware: RT-AC68U_384.13_0 Hardware: REV E1 board rev 1.90 After backing up the original CFE and obtained the modified CFE, I flashed the