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  1. ThePooBurner

    Is there a script for configuring VLANs?

    Hi everyone. I've been scouring this forum for a couple months now looking for information on using VLANs via scripting and trying to make sense of everything that I've read. I'm not making this post lightly, as in most of what i've read there seem to be a lot "You should have searched first...
  2. P

    5G becomes open after power loss (AC87U)

    After a power loss, sometimes (honestly, looks like most of the times) my Asus AC87U router losses it's password protection for 5G (but not for 2G), and becomes open. Interestingly, inside of the router settings I see all the buttons set on wpa2-personal and the password is set up. Up until now...
  3. bitoiu

    Weird Network Behaviour with LAN Port 1 on AC87U

    Hi friends, I've owned an AC87U for almost 2 years now, and for the most part it has been a great experience, other than the 5G starting to drop about a year ago. However, since I don't want to change just now to a Wifi 6 router based on the posts I read on I've been trying to deal with...
  4. bitoiu

    Removing policy rules for VPN Client in ASUS-AC87U leaves client in limbo until rule deleted.

    Hey folks, First post here with newly account created, but long time reader. I'm setting up OpenVPN and I've been able to do so with Policy Rules targeting just one of my clients. After such a simple and success scenario I decided to try the same for my TV as sometimes IPTV gets somewhat...
  5. E

    qos + bandwidth limiter? qos + load balancing?

    why is that not possible? if i want to limit a specific device's bandwidth it has to be that over any QoS, and if i want dual wan load balancing it disables the entire adaptive QoS and "aiprotection" sections is that a limitation on my ac87u? could i make all those features work at once on a...
  6. d0g

    Repeater antenna question

    My base router is an Asus AC87U, and I'm using an AC68U as a repeater. Works pretty well; the AC68U reports "Link rate: 234 Mbps, RSSI: -58 dBm" and we get up to 60 mbps (of our 200mbps) through it. The AC87U is in the guest house/office, with just 1 ethernet client, and the AC68U is in the...
  7. Z

    Firmware update (384.11_2>>>384.12) for ac87u not taking effect

    I apologize if this is in the wrong section of the forum; very green here. I just downloaded the firmware update suggested by my router, upload process completed. Application of settings completed. Network went down and then back up, just like you'd expect. Problem: It still lists the router...
  8. P

    [HELP] - ASUS RT-AC87U Media Bridge Issues

    I'm having a slight issue with using my RT-AC87U in media bridge mode. I am running the Asuswrt-merlin 384.11_2 I have changed the operation mode to media bridge and have been able to connect to the ISP router via wifi. I have also been able to connect a device to LAN port 1, however devices...
  9. G

    Asus ax88u Asus ac87u asus ac66u

    hi i have 3 asus linked togheter. but i get a funny IP on one of them but when looking in client list i see it with a ip. why is that? cant figuer it out and did not get any help from asus. i use merlin on all router beside the old ac66u i have tried ax88u is the main unit...
  10. I

    httpd issue on AC87U (firmware version 384.7_2)

    Hi, I noticed that, whenever I do some changes in the Advanced Settings -> LAN -> DHCP Server -> Manually Assigned IP around the DHCP list, the web interface gets stuck. Everything else continues to work fine, I can connect to it via ssh, no problem. Any idea if this bug has been already...
  11. Woolnut

    384.7.2 Update failing on AC87U (384.5)

    Hi All, I am having issues upgrading my AC87U which is currently running version 384.5 to version 384.7.2, it goes through the normal process but when i come to log back into the router, it hasn't updated? Does anyone have any idea why, and how to resolve this? Thanks
  12. giopas

    Asus RT-AC87U (WRT-Merlin) and IPv6

    Hello, Today I have contacted by my ISP to propose a new broadband connection. I currently have a public IPv4 line connected to my ISP modem which connects to my ASUS RT-AC87U with AsusWRT-Merlin 384.7. Behind the router I have a couple of QNAP NASes and one Vu+ decoder that I can access...
  13. D

    Semi-bricked AC87U

    Hi everyone, I have an AC87U that just run-out of warranty 4 months ago and it broke, meaning that. Not working: - the 5GHz remains disabled after reboot - the WAN port does not connect over PPPoE and remains on red - the LAN ports (2,3,4) are not forwarding one to the other Is working: - I can...
  14. A

    [AC87U] Firmware 384.4, VPN rules not working

    Hello, Since I updated my AC87Uto 384.4, my VPN rules not working. On my device when I check on, I have the FAI IP and not VPN IP. What I can do? Thanks,
  15. G

    AC87U 384 support?

    Is there any chance that ac87u would support 384 firmware?
  16. Neurogenesis

    [AC87] [380.69] No WAN access with IP Passthrough from AT&T NVG599 Gateway

    Topology: I have FTTP with WAN port on the Gateway connected to the box on the side of the house. The AC87 has LAN 3 attached to the LAN 3 port on the Gateway. Background: I initially had the network setup according to the instructions here...
  17. TanyaC

    Large HTTP Downloads failing many sites but not all

    For the last 5 months I've been trying to isolate a problem with my WSUS server where updates remain in a "Downloading" State forever. After many rebuilds and some great support from Spiceworks members we found that it's an error with downloads failing part way through. My PCs boots up...
  18. XabiX

    Your recommendations on my Home network architecture

    Hello SNB friends, I have been reading a lot around but most of the time, I don't find a similar network to get the best ideas on how to setup my home network. Usually companies will have a network architect and security guru that would be able to help :) Here is what I had in mind: The...
  19. AntoniosHadji

    AC87U Dropping lots of packets > 23,000/hour

    Hello everyone. I set up a network intensive application on my home network and now I'm seeing lots of packets getting dropped in my router logs. I opened port 30306 on my router using the port forwarding settings so that my local machine to connect directly to others. I had it originally...
  20. A

    Unstable AC87U / VPN / DualWan

    Hello, Since one week, I installed an AC87U with 380.68. Dual WAN with ethernet on port 2. VPN with Private Internet Access But somes problem: Several times by day, router reboot, I don't know why I have log in CSV beacause I configured an external log server, I don't know If I can publish...