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  1. E

    A Little Cooling and A Big Temp Drop

    Have an AC88 that has the dual arm7 cpu, and I noticed that cpu temps were always in the 80s (C). Not terribly hot, but seemed like a possible long term life stressor, so I decided to experiment. Had a cheap 4 inch USB fan that I sat beside the router (vents are on the side) and amazingly this...
  2. E

    Link Aggregation - AC88

    Found an Engenius 24 port managed switch on sale for $89 recently and I couldn't resist. It's overkill, but I'm a cord shaver and have hardwired video streams running all over the house from a Plex server, HDhomerun connected antenna, and a cheap NAS. I already had an AC88 router (384.4...
  3. E

    2.4 GHz WiFi Instability

    So, there was a sale on ac88s recently, so I moved on up. Great machine, running latest Merlin 384.4 firmware. Significant other kept complaining about connectivity issues. Did a wifi scan from another device, and the 2.4 GHz SSID was not there. Hmmm, I was using the smart connect feature, so I...
  4. M

    Asus pcie wi-fi card PCE-AC88 $92.96

    It's been this price since Saturday, lowest I had seen it previously was $104.xx
  5. P

    AC68 - AC88 Migration

    Hi, I looked around a little and could not find the answer directly. I am migrating from an AC68 to an AC88, both on Merlin. I have a lot of configuration in the 68... QOS, manual DHCP entries, ... more.. The question is can I restore my AC68 settings to the AC88? Anything to know or other...
  6. MichaelR64

    Ditching the AC87.. now what ? 5300 / 3200 /88 ?

    So after a year with the AC87 i decided to ditch it because of the bad 5Ghz connections. Actually the connections are mostly ok but i see that sometimes pictures wont load or browsing and other apps are just slow in loading stuff. Disconnecting and going tru my LTE connection just blazes away...