adaptive qos

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  1. dave14305

    FlexQoS FlexQoS - Flexible QoS Enhancement Script for Adaptive QoS

    This is FlexQoS, a fork of the original, groundbreaking FreshJR_QOS script written by @FreshJR. FlexQoS provides a fully customizable Adaptive QoS experience. Version 1.0.6 - 20-Nov-2020 Enhancements: Support for at least 24 user iptables rules Support for at least 32 user appdb rules...
  2. T

    CakeQOS CakeQOS-Merlin

    I am pleased to announce the release of CakeQOS-Merlin! Current Version: 1.0.5 (Changelog) CakeQOS-Merlin is a custom add-on for supported Asus routers with Merlin firmware that introduces CAKE QoS as an alternative to Traditional/Adaptive/FreshJR implementations. One key difference is on the...
  3. D

    [QoS] Bandwidth Monitor Tab vs Qos Tab : Need explanation please

    My Router Model : ASUS RT-AC68UF My Asuswrt-Merlin version : 384.17 Hi Everybody, I have a question about how QoS works. When we look in the "Bandwidth Monitor" tab, we can see that we can assign priorities to the different devices (highest, high, etc ...). => First prioritization When we...
  4. A

    RT-AC68U Adaptive QOS default class issue on game streaming

    Good night everyone, I have recently come across to an issue after I start using Geforce Now game streaming on my mac. It seems that the data pulled from the Geforce Now labeled as default. The program streams your games from NVIDIA cloud data centers and I was wondering that is there any way to...
  5. S

    Adaptive QOS, have I set it wrong or am I expecting too much of it?

    Hi all I have an RT-AC68U router which has the latest firmware on it, my internet connection connects at around 56Mb down with around 10-11Mb upload. I have been using the Adaptive QOS but it doesn't seem to do the job I am expecting, my expectations are either too high or I...
  6. Victor Araujo

    Adaptive QoS - is there a way to force classification of packets

    Recently I’ve started playing a new game on on my iPhone (Arena of Valor) and I noticed some ping spikes even though the game uses very little bandwidth. After some investigation using the QoS Statistics, I think that the adaptive QoS is not classifying the packets as Gaming (which in my setup...
  7. Adam Siemiginowski

    'Traffic Not Detected' in Adaptive QoS / Bandwidth Monitor

    Many of my devices in the Adaptive QoS / Bandwidth Monitor display 0.0 kB Up/Down traffic - net they obviously have network access and are transmitting data. Why is that? To be specific, I have a few Citizen CT-S601 printers, hard-wired to the primary router, and each of the two access points...
  8. Adam Siemiginowski

    Managing Access Points in Adaptive QoS Interface

    For the Adaptive QoS interface... you can select the priority of ALL devices on your network - including Access Points - which are the point traffic for ALL devices. How should the Access Points be configured? How are they treated? Would giving an Access Point 'HIGHEST' priority be advised -...
  9. B

    FQ_codel adaptive qos--blufferboat issue--gaming

    iSB8200 docsis 3.1 modem / RT-AC87 --Merlin 380.67 / Comcast 150/20 usually tests at 180/25. I've been experimenting with fq_codel adaptive qos. When I set it for automatic rates, I get the same results as if wow is turned off--regardless of where I set the wan packet overhead. My...
  10. E

    Bug. Adaptive QOS. Video & Audio streaming. 380.66_2

    Good day. Would like to contribute what I believe is a bug for investigation. Setup) Made the following observations while using Adaptive QOS with an Ethernet connected PC. To duplicate go to QOS screen and set Adaptive QOS, Automatic bandwidth selection. Bug observed in priority mode "media...
  11. R

    AC68u, version 380.65_4, Adaptive QOS works great

    ...with a bit of maximum download speed lost. An installation where internet service provider max speed clocked at 100 megabits per second max download, 12 Mbps upload. With a standard setup, my grades for "bufferbloat" (i.e. periodic pauses in data flow)...
  12. K

    QoS Failures and Status

    I have spent a lot of time scouring the web and SNB forums for solutions to QoS problems on my RT-AC68 (merlin 380.65). Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there is anything I can do. Does anyone have suggestions for issues like this? "Traditional QoS" does not work on at all due to a known bug...
  13. octopus

    Adaptive TAB fw restarts

    Evey time I go go Adaptive Qos TAB firewall alwas restart even if i dont use it. Is it possible to fix so it only restart when its in use? Sep 13 10:47:30 kernel: * Make sure sizeof(struct sw_struct)=160 is consistent Sep 13 10:47:31 kernel: IDPfw: TrendMicro forward module ver-1.0.31 Sep 13...
  14. K

    RT-AC68R and Adaptive QOS

    Hey guys! Long time lurker, but only occasional poster. I've been running an AC66 and just recently scored a AC68R at Walmart on the cheap so I thought I'd try a stab at the adaptive QOS again with the new hardware. I'm running stock firmware and everything seems okay except I...
  15. Mears148

    Adaptive QoS Bandwidth Monitor No Longer Working

    Since upgrading to the latest official firmware from ASUS I have noticed that the bandwidth monitoring feature has stopped accurately reporting download and upload traffic. When I run a speed test for example, I get around 2.8Mbps, which is what Adaptive QoS is set to, but the...