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    Difference between DNS Director "Adguard Adblock" and setting up an "Adguard Home" instance

    I wanted to setup a fast/effective way to block ad-related DNS queries on my LAN. I was going to setup an Adguard Home VM instance on my network... when I realized that Merlin has DNS-based filtering support already. Are there any benefits to just using DNS Director Global Redirection...
  2. gspannu

    Tutorial AdGuard Home - adblocker - Clean install on Asus Merlin (No 3rd party scripts !!!)

    I have finally managed to install AdGuard Home on an Asus Router.... this is without using any special scripts. There was a previous forum post (here) on the same, but that involved installing using a custom script (that asked for your ssh login credentials, installed its own version of Samba...
  3. D

    Diversion Diversion and AAAA records/queries

    Diversion works for me and I recommend it to other people. Lately I saw a few ads sneaking in and tried to debug what happens. I don't have IPv6 enabled on the router or the ISP, but I suspect this is related to AAAA queries over IPv4. Disclaimer: I know I don't know enough about the...
  4. C

    Can someone guide me on how to install Diversion on my Asus 87U?

    Okay, so I followed the install guide step by step, but I cannot format the flash drive to ext. My router has the latest Merlin FW: Firmware Version 384.10_2 Firmware Build Wed Apr 3 22:29:21 UTC 2019 merlin@3b39aca I keep receiving this error: " Formatting /tmp/mnt/UNTITLED now! Unmounting...
  5. J

    DNScrypt & Adblock on Asuswrt-Merlin

    Hey everyone, Has anyone activated Adblock & DNScrypt on their Asuswrt-Merlin Router? For Adblock I found two methods: Thanks!
  6. swetoast

    ublockr - a minimalists approach to adblocking

    So here is my minimal ~155 lines adblocker called ublockr. Features Blocks around 85 to 100k hosts IPv6 Support uses Pixelserv-TLS Whitelist filter Automated System Detection (Padavan / OpenWrt / ASUSWRT-Merlin) Configuration file for settings. Self-Update using -update as switch...