1. dave14305

    [Fork] FlexQoS - Flexible QoS Enhancement Script for Adaptive QoS

    This is FlexQoS, a fork of the original, groundbreaking FreshJR_QOS script written by @FreshJR. FlexQoS provides a fully customizable Adaptive QoS experience. Version 1.0.2 - 14-Sep-2020 Enhancements: Support for at least 24 user iptables rules Support for at least 32 user appdb rules...
  2. Kae

    With Merlin Firmware 384.4_2 I always have to login twice into the Asus router. Is it a Hacker?

    First of all, thanks a lot to Merlin for doing such a great job on his firmware, and supporting us and the world with it! And thank you to the community here for all the great advice! Great Forum! I have the following problem, and others might have it too than: With Merlin Firmware 384.4_2 I...