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  1. saison2023

    AdGuard Home WebGui - "AdGuard Home is available at the following addresses"

    Hello everyone, First, sorry in advance if this topic was already addressed, I was not able to find the answer during my research. Question: Is there a place to restrict IP addresses on which the Web gui is attached and is listening? As an example, when I updated my AdGuard Home installation...
  2. B255ea006

    AdGuardHome AdGuard Home - Filter issue

    Hi, i do have issues with AdGuard Home on my router. The filters are not working or effective. Im running AdGuard Home on my router but the router is in Wireless-Router mode not in AP mode but behind an Wireless Internet Router Fritzbox...
  3. M

    AX86U sudden high CPU usage

    AX86U - 388.2_2 Recently, I have been experiencing high CPU usage on my router, which has been causing connectivity issues. When that happens the DNS service (Adguard Home) stops responding. Additionally, I am unable to open an SSH connection to the router. Occasionally, I can access the...
  4. johndoe85

    AdGuardHome Where is the DNS cache file for AdGuard Home located?

    As the title reads, where is the DNS cache file for AdGuard Home located?
  5. M

    AdGuardHome Latest Entware update possibly made AdGuard Home fail

    Today I had a weird issue with AdGuard Home in two AX86U routers. This night, all of a sudden, AdGuard stopped working after a reboot and did not start at all. Thus, I was mostly disconnected from the Internet. When I checked the service, it was "dead" and nothing would revive it. #...
  6. T

    AdGuardHome How to uninstall Adguard Home?

    What is the safe/preferred way to uninstall Agduard Home? When in AMTM I don't get an option when running 'ag'. I thought I read installing Adguard Home changes ports, so I wanted to make sure things get set back to normal. I do see an AMTM reset. I just want to make sure I'm doing in the...
  7. Z

    Solved DNS Server IPv6 (not working) (DHCPv6 returning wrong IPv6)

    Solution: Post #27 I have a AX88U with 388.1 and a server running Adguard (both being a separate machine). I try to setup that the router so it will provide the IPv6 of the Adguard server. Right now I get the the Adguard server for DNS IPv4 only. DNS IPv6 is the routers IPv6. Tested with...
  8. R

    ntpMerlin AGH is breaking ntpmerlin

    Recently I installed AGH to block ads for my network (ax88u). Since installing AGH Ntpmerlin has been outputting weird errors in the system log. Ntpmerlin works fine without AGH installed. Both are running stock settings except the custom ntp and DNS servers I chose. If anyone has encountered...
  9. P

    AdGuardHome Adguard Home Hangs

    Hi, I'm currently running AGH on a raspberry pi and thought I would give this a try instead on my AX-88U running 386.8 firmware. Unfortunately, I've had a lot of troubles with it. Installation went through to starting and then proceeded to hang (I waited 30 minutes). Hitting contol+c reverted...
  10. E

    AdGuardHome AdGuardHome vs Diversion - some basics

    Here are some basic comparisons I made between AGH (with abp.oisd and with dbl.oisd+mmotti filters) and Diversion on an Asus RT-AX86U with Asuswrt-Merlin 386.5_2 Methodology: I did a fresh install and update of the router (clean flash / reset to defaults after flash) and installed either...
  11. MamaLbh

    Is it possible to run AdGuard Home on Orbi LBR20?

    Here is the github for AGH. It is for OpenWRT, and my understanding is the Orbi's firmware is modified OpenWRT. My Orbi LBR20 has Voxel Firmware. I can add Entware if needed, as there is no sudo, apt-get, or opkg functions on it currently. I have SSH access via Putty. Anyone know if this is...
  12. gspannu

    Tutorial AdGuard Home - adblocker - Clean install on Asus Merlin (No 3rd party scripts !!!)

    I have finally managed to install AdGuard Home on an Asus Router.... this is without using any special scripts. There was a previous forum post (here) on the same, but that involved installing using a custom script (that asked for your ssh login credentials, installed its own version of Samba...
  13. BreakingDad

    Is rDNS (reverse dns) normal on adguard blocker?

    Quick question, I have adguard running on a pi, it works fine however I notice a lot of rDNS (reverse DNS) enquiries from the address of the adguard box itself. Is this behaviour normal? can someone explain how it works? Thanks
  14. D

    AdGuard Home on the router itself - Manual Install

    Not to be confused with the "Fully Automated" script post, this is my go that I started working on last night before I found that posting. I'm doing this on an ARM-based Zenwifi 6600 / XT8, which I guess isn't supported by Merlin firmware yet... If you're on a MIPS-based machine you'll need...
  15. kamoj

    AdGuard Home for Netgear R7800 and R8900/R9000

    Support for AdGuard Home is added in the latest beta version of the Kamoj add-on 5.3b1+ (The Kamoj add-on is available after request by PM to kamoj) Voxel Firmware is also required. This thread is a place to discuss Adguard Home, as it functions in the Kamoj add-on. What are your favorite...
  16. H

    Adguard Home On the router itself - Script Install-Fully Automated

    bin using this for a week or so ,very stable installs adguard home, freemem, thermometer on a usb on the router itself, uses monit to start/stop services installation is a one link automatic process requires user input for swap...