advanced routing

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  1. Maverick009

    Finally made a major upgrade to my firewall router

    I have been talking about an upgrade I have been wanting to do to my firewall router and due to a recent issues with the hardware including internet connectivity issues today while working, I decided the time was now to upgrade instead of by next weekend (I bought the board open box and it was...
  2. I

    Solved ASUS RT-AX86U Merlin 386.4 OpenVPN routing help/ideas

    Hello, I have brand new AX86 running Merlin 386.4 A site-to-site Open vpn tunnel with a client AC66U_B1 running Merlin 386.4 is working well: Traffic from and to the local networks is routed through the VPN and I can access devices on each side via the tunnel. Accessing server side internet...
  3. cyberal

    DHCP hostname cannot be queried outside of LAN in dual-router home network setup?

    Hello everyone, I am having trouble achieving my goal of a dual-router setup in my home network, where I'm able to resolve the IP address of a host while connected to the other router. To make this more explicit: [ISP] ==> [MODEM] ==> (WAN) [AC68U] (LAN) ==> (WAN) [AX88U] (LAN) ==> (ETH1)[PC]...
  4. B

    How to restrict guest network intranet to SSH & http only?

    So some background first on what I'm doing. I have an Asus AC66U running ASUSWRT-merlin (380.70). My main home network is running on I'm planning to engage a freelance dev on fiverr to do some dev work for me, to interface with an industrial device using my raspberry pi. To...
  5. G

    RT-AC86U: Force traffic through VPN tunnel: what does strict do for policy rules

    Firmware Version:384.17 For "Force Internet traffic through tunnel", What is the difference between "Policy rules" and "Policy rules (strict)"?