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  1. I

    Solved ASUS RT-AX86U Merlin 386.4 OpenVPN routing help/ideas

    Hello, I have brand new AX86 running Merlin 386.4 A site-to-site Open vpn tunnel with a client AC66U_B1 running Merlin 386.4 is working well: Traffic from and to the local networks is routed through the VPN and I can access devices on each side via the tunnel. Accessing server side internet...
  2. Y

    Asus RT-AC68U OpenVPN Web UI Advanced mode bug

    On Asus RT-AC68U Firmware Version: 384.8_2 On VPN Server - OpenVPN page Client will use VPN to access [LAN only, Internet only, Both] setting is not available if VPN Details is set to Advanced Settings It is still possible to set this setting in General mode then switch to Advanced Settings and...
  3. didok

    Help on advanced VPN configuration

    Hello, I'm not an advanced user but I wonder if there is any option anybody in the community can help me understand and configure my VPN to work similar to what is explained here or here by jobongo . I hope you understan I'm very novice in this matter and I can't follow majority of terms you...
  4. George Lasater

    Advanced IPSEC VPN Support

    The options right now for VPN are PPTP or OpenVPN: There seems to be issues with OpenVPN working on all clients and currently Cannot use that. Basic PPTP VPN is not Ideal and easily hacked. NOT being able to use advance IPSEC VPN Built in on Android sucks. We are forced to use the basic if...