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  1. R

    RT-AX56 drops daily from GT-AX11000 router (using Ai-Mesh)

    Hi All, I have a very strange issue. Here is my setup using Ai-Mesh: GT-AX11000: Ai-Mesh Router running RT-AX56: Ai-Mesh Node running RT-AX56: Ai-Mesh Node running As you can see I have configured 2 ASUS extenders to be Ai-Mesh...
  2. S

    AI Mesh ASUS

    I live in a faraday cage (not really but pretty much, concrete and rebar including all the interior walls) 3x AC86U in ethernet mesh no issues for 2ish years. I tried adding a AX1800S to the mesh, wirelessly but no matter what I do it will not connect to the preferred mesh node assigned. It...
  3. C

    ai-mesh nodes always go offline eventually

    The nodes are hardwired ethernet backhaul. The ethernet devices connected to the nodes are still online. It just shows the nodes as offline in the web gui. Cant say exactly when or how often they go down. I usually check every week in the web gui if they're still online. This has been an issue...