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  1. K

    AIProtect "external attack" from internal IP after M$ update?

    Last night, AIProtect caught a bunch of "RPC Novell NetWare NFS Portmapper RPC Module Stack Overflow" attacks coming from my Win10 PC during or immediately after M$ update. I hit the "update and shutdown" option ~10m earlier, went off to read and didn't notice anything until this morning, so I...
  2. NetworkError

    Rentire network dropping workaround ?

    I am curious if anyone has found a config that lets the WIFI stay up no matter what. I have all the AIprotect features enabled but often the entire 4 SSIDs drop and go down for about 30-40 seconds. This is just not ok any longer... I have the asus ac87r and the latest merlin FW but got the same...
  3. losdelrock

    SSL Certificate Error

    Hi All, not sure if this is specific to the merlinwrt firmware or just all SSL requests passing through AI. If I browse to a blocked category (AI Protection, Parental Controls, Web and app filter) which happens to be an SSL URL, I get a certificate error and the browser is redirected to (actual...