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  1. A

    Questions about AiDisk (FTP) and remote access of USB HDD - Load balancing and CGNAT

    I'm planning on connecting our RT-AX59U with a 4TB external USB HDD and activate AiDisk with support for file transfers through SMB, FTP and the web gui of the router. I'll set up remote access through Asus DDNS. Our RT-AX59U is using dual wan load balancing where I run all traffic through WAN1...
  2. N

    AiDisk as a worldwide Cloud service

    Hello everyone, I am thinking about using my TR-AC51U as a Cloud storage (with possibilities of sharing links from the AiDisk/Samba Place to my clients). (Important: FTP is not an option for my case) From what I learned, I can share files links inside the local network: , However the sharing...
  3. N

    ASUS AC-RT68U Aidisk File Structure Read Only

    Welcome all. First time posting! What a great website full of valuable information! I am posting to find out how people have set up a successful USB storage device over WAN. I have files I don't particularly wish to have stored over a public service cloud storage service. I am trying to set up...
  4. A

    Assigning static internal IP address for ASUS AiCloud/FTP-application

    Not sure I'm putting this question in the right subforum, so many to chose from. I'm on a Asus RT-N66W (same as RT-N66U, just different colour) with AsusWRT-Merlin firmware. It has a function to work as a FTP server through Asus DDNS ( but even though I run a VPN client...
  5. S

    Encrypt Share Folders?

    Is there any way to add encryption for the AiDisk, and subsequent Share directories? It seems rather pointless having separate user directories, with separate passwords when it's easy enough to simply pull the USB stick out, and shove it in your computer's port. I believe EXT4 supports...
  6. TeaDragon

    AiCloud ignores user/folder restrictions?

    Hello all, I'm running an RT-AC68U with ASUS-Merlin 380.58 at the moment. I had been using the usb disk feature with FTP. I have a few users, accessing stuff this way, but I have some folders which I made not visible to these users, with the "FTP Share" tab restrictions. I've just set up the...