aimesh 8 nodes wifi

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    Setting aimesh nodes

    Hi everyone, new to the forums. I am currently trying to set up aimesh using the older Asus Lyra Trio AC1750 with a pair of Asus AX6100. I was wondering if it makes any difference which nodes I use as a main node, i.e., will it affect the performance of the mesh network. Thanks
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    ASUS AiMesh setup success! RT-AX88U & 8 RT-AX92U AiMesh nodes with 120 IoT devices in house

    I want to thank posters here on SNB for their information. I have a big house in Los Angeles -- with a 1000Mbps AT&T fiber connection -- where I've built upon an Asus AX88U as main router and have added on more AX92U nodes as I attempted to cover all parts of my property, indoors and out. I...