aimesh unstable

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    Dual GT-AXE16000 Routers in AiMesh Configuration extremely unstable

    Hi, I have two GT-AXE16000 routers. One primary, and one that I was trying to use as an AiMesh node. The problem I'm getting is that the node constantly resyncs and restarts wireless (as seen in its log), with only a few seconds of actual uptime in between each resync. This results in an...
  2. F


    Small business. Main network is handled by ISP. We manage our wireless network. We have 3 AC66U. 1 is running in AP Mesh Router mode, 2 are in node mode. The AP Router is statically assigned an IP, subnet, default gateway, and DNS server. We are constantly dropping connection, nodes go offline...
  3. M

    Aimesh alternative on Merlin firmware

    HI I am having wifi stability issues on Asus RT-68U using Aimesh. One primary router and one node both running latest version of Asus stock firmware. Most often the client get disconnected and also often clients gets connected without internet access. Quite a few times Aimesh node goes...