aiprotection asus rt-ac88u

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  1. dffvb

    AiProtection - does anybody know what information is leaving?

    Hi there, prior to migrating to Merlin WRT, I did the last upgrade (first 385) on my 88U. When enabling QOS I had to accept TrendMicro Privacy Policy. Being a lawyer I gave it a quick look. Looks to me, it is not coverign the routers, but more the home page etc. So despite the fact it is the...
  2. M

    AiProtection - Two-Way IPS - false positives?

    Hi, I have an RT-AC88U router and activated AiProtection - Two-Way IPS I'm getting what looks to be a number of false positives with my MythTV linux server / Media PC: Type: Client Device Infected Source: Destination: Myth Alert: SSH Brute Force Login The problem in the above...