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  1. 4

    AiProtection & router-based VPN are incompatible

    Any traffic that reaches the router from the local LAN before getting into VPN tunnel running on the router are subject to analysis by TrendMicro, which is what implements ASUS AiProtection. For many of its specific functions, some portion of the router traffic is being actually send out to...
  2. Tireless Hyena

    Aiprotection and "potentially unexpected fatal signal 6" error

    Hello everyone, This is my first participation, please forgive my mistakes. On three different sites I have 5 RT-AC68U routers, 1 AC1900U and 2 AC86Us. An OpenVPN is installed between the three sites (Lan2Lan) between two AC68Us in France and one of the AC86Us in Austria. The two AC86Us are on...
  3. aerisdies

    RT-AX55 - AIProtection [tdts_shell_ioctl_sig_op_get_app_db]

    Hello! I'm a long time lurker here and decided to finally register and post something that irks me regarding my stock RT-AX55. Whenever I check for AIProtection signature updates, regardless of time, it shows these in the log: Oct 16 21:57:05 rc_service: httpd 1522:notify_rc start_sig_check...
  4. J


    Hi, I had what I think is a false positive from the "two way AIProtection IPS" Is there a way to clear the ban or add a whitelist ? Now I cannot access my router from the WAN. I have the lastest Merlin firmware Thanks,
  5. B

    AIProtection replacement ? Or how to manage it ?

    Hello, Question about AiProtection and especially the IPS part. Not being able to add an exception yourself is a real shame, and a blocker in some cases. Since I don't want to disable AiProtection or just the IPS part for my entire network, I'm wondering... How do you do on your side? We...
  6. B

    ASUS AiProtection - Can't add a (some) domain to whitelist

    Hello there, I don't think it's a bug, but the same behavior for everyone. On my RT-AX88U (last firmware Merlin) I can't add some sites in whitelist on AIProtection - Malicisous sites blocking, for some "exotic" domains. Example .finance domains. I've an error lile : wrong domain name / IPv4...
  7. M

    AIProtection: Daily external Attack

    Hi all, got a new Asus GT-AXE16000 and installed the current asuswrt-merlin version (386.8). Last friday i installed diversion via amtm. Since then (i don't know if it really is corresponding in time) i get daily (~20per day) alarms from AIProtection - Two Way IPS: EXPLOIT Remote Command exec...
  8. I

    AIProtection vs Built-in Web Browser protection

    Hey all, I was curious as to what the thoughts were of AIProtection vs the built in protection of the web browsers today. I did some reading of some older threads here regarding if people recommended AIprotection, and the main verdict was yes. However, those threads were a year to several years...
  9. R

    AiProtection - no hits at all

    Hello! I own a RT-AX82U for a month now and my AiProtection logs are stuck at zero, so out of curiosity i tried opening some website that is blocked by malicious url filter, and well... the log is still at zero I have tried removing the database...
  10. P

    ASUS AiProtection impacting download speeds

    I am using an ASUS RT-AC5300 running ASUS-Merlin v386.5. My ISP recently upgraded my service from 400Mbps down/10Mpbs up to 600Mbps down/20Mbps up. Prior to the speed increase, when testing internet speeds from the router under the Adaptive QoS section, I would see the expected download speeds...
  11. B

    Best alternative addons to AIProtection on AX86U?

    I set up my new AX86U & w/ Merlin firmware, and I'm withdrawing from the TrendMicro agreement due to not knowing exactly what information they collect. I eventually plan on connecting the AX86u to VPN, but that's a bit down the road when Wireguard becomes standard in future stable firmware. I...
  12. Kurogane Shiroikaze

    ASUS RT-AC86U - AiProtection Malicious Sites Blocking unable to add sites to whitelist

    Firmware: Signature version: 2.240 Hello all, I am having an issue with my Asus router where a couple of sites I always visit have been blocked by TrendMicro's AiProtection feature. I have confirmed this issue by disabling the feature and managed to visit the sites as normal...
  13. K

    AiProtection - Web & Apps issue

    Just ignore, manage to fix the issue [Not sure how to delete this post i tried but there is no option] My original issue was that i was unable to access one website that had a TLS Issue, when just clicked the apply and not changing anything on the "AiProtection - Web & Apps" section it was...
  14. mkaand

    AiProtection issue: My whitelist DB messed up :(

    Hi, My AiProtection whitelist messed up. I need to find a way to reset or clear whitelist db. Do you know where is the database of whitelisted hostnames for AiProtection. Look screenshot:
  15. L

    Need Family & Parental Control Help... Web UI different than Mobile app?

    Hoping someone know these settings well? I have an RT-AC86U I setup both... Family Members, in the Android App; and Parental Controls + Time Scheduling in the Web UI Looks like the built-in Web UI is different than the mobile app? The ASUS Router Mobile App lets me add Family Member names and...
  16. sentinelvdx

    [Question/Issue] AiProtection "Client Infected"/"UPnP Enabled"

    Hi, I've been checking AiProtection, and noticed 2 things: -The "scan" button, after clicking on it, shows the UPnP is enabled when it's not (at least not on GUI). Is there a way in the router to validate if it's a WebGUI issue or if it's really enabled? -The "Two-Way IPS" shows one of my...
  17. Kanji-San

    AiProtection: GUI always shows 0

    My router is on 384.16 and AiProtection (Malicious Sites Blocking, Two-Way IPS, Infected Device Prevention and Blocking) is on. The GUI however always shows 0 events and no graphs. NAT acceleration is off. I cannot remember to have ever seen anything else than 0 for several firmware versions. I...
  18. xendi

    What Data Is Sent to Trend Micro For Each Of These Features?

    Hello wonderful people. Upon setting up a new router, I was confronted with the following message: "By using AiProtection, Traffic analyzer, Apps analyzer, Adaptive QoS/Game boost, Web history, you agree to the Trend Micro End User License Agreement. Please note that your information will be...
  19. M

    Malicious Sites Blocking caused by SNB Forums?

    Has anyone else noticed this using AiProtection. I seem to get the alert below when accessing these web pages, or at least I have not been able to link it with any other network traffic event. Time stamps in the Web History log matches the times I have browsed using Chrome to
  20. E

    300 attacks since 6. november ?

    I'm using an Asus router, with built-in "AiProtection" by Trend Micro. I have all the functions turned on. I have never seen any warnings through this service, despite using an Asus router for at least 5 years. Since the 6th. of November, I have had exactly 300 "Protection events" against...