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  1. E

    Airplay issues

    Hi .*, I wonder if anybody here can maybe help me. I have a AX16000 router at home and use the Merlin FW (latest 388.1), all good and pretty happy with the setup, there is only one issue I can get working on my network. I have a Home Assistant (HA) wired to the router. HA does see the homepods...
  2. M

    Run AirConnect (AirPlay sever) binary on router

    Trying to get AirConnect, specifically airupnp, to run directly on my RT-AC68U. For those not familiar, AirConnect allows you to use Apple's AirPlay to send audio from any iOS/Mac/Apple device to any Sonos/UPnP device (airupnp) or chromecast (aircast). I was able to get it running on my laptop...
  3. sfx2000

    [Apple] - Airport Express (2012) Firmware 7.8

    Apple pushed out v7.8 for the Airport Express 2012 earlier this week Release notes - Airplay2 client implemented (casual observation - this is an N600 class device, 100Mbit for WAN/LAN - the update appears to juice up the Tx power to current FCC limits for 5GHz (30 dBm in US), and Airport...
  4. D

    Streaming AirPlay to UPnP/Sonos & Chromecast devices via an Asus router

    With all the AirPlay 2 talk going on right now around its official release, it got me interested in being able to AirPlay music from my iOS devices to my Sonos speakers, with the help of my Asus router. It seems that an open source utility AirConnect allows this, and does have pre-compiled...
  5. Ellipsis

    AC3100 - Airplay Nonsense!

    I finally got Fios to allow me to use whatever router I wanted. Did some research, came home with a Asus RT-AC3100. I waited a couple of weeks before flashing it with the latest Merlin Firmware. However, the entire time I've been having issues with Airplay. My AppleTV works fine, however...
  6. C

    Tested & recommended Miracast Receivers/ Adapter dongles to transmit from Notebook to TV?

    Tested & recommended Miracast Receivers/ Adapter dongles to transmit from Notebook to TV? I did look on Amazon. Some expensive branded ones and others inexpensive and still seem good. But, I trust the experiences of people here more than general crowd on Amazon. - Suggestions/ experiences...