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  1. Lord Kamina

    x3mRouting Is it possible to get x3mRouting working on vanilla AsusWRT?

    First, my setup: A GT-AC5300AC as primary (hence why I'm not on merlin) and an RT-AC5300 as a node over 5ghz wifi. I have a load-balancing setup between two ISPS; one is cable and one is fibre, generally get speeds up to 800 mbps. And I'm using ExpressVPN MediaStreamer DNS plus their VPN...
  2. B

    Bypassing Merlin router-based VPN for specific software

    I have an ASUS RT-AC68U running Merlin, and PIA VPN. I want to run the traffic for my LG WebOS TV through the VPN and there is no way to install a VPN client on the TV locally (which would be the easiest way to switch the tunnel on/off) so my only viable solution is to run it through the router...
  3. Julio Urquidi

    Amazon Prime’s New Monthly Plans To Compete With Netflix

    Aside from its $99 per year subscription plan, Amazon Prime added two monthly plans that will appeal to subscribers not in interested in the service’s alternative year-long commitment. The $10.99 per month plan includes all the features that the yearly Amazon Prime plan offers, including free...